Best Dance Academies In Washington Near Me

The Dance Institute of Washington Studio One Dance The Lab D.C. | Breakin' Academy Dance Place Joy of Motion Dance Center • H Street (Atlas) DanceSport Dupont Circle District Irish Dance Academy Dance Loft on 14 District Dance Arts DivaDance® DC Candace Sheppard Dance Academy The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio

1. The Dance Institute of Washington - Washington

· 50 reviews

3400 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

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The Dance Institute of Washington: what do users think?

Angela Ingram: Excellent Dance Training and excellent community for dances to train. DIW cares deeply for their students, faculty and staff.

Daisy Fischer: Positive: ProfessionalismMy Grandson participated in the virtual Theater Workshop on October 3rd, 2020, and he had so much fun. The ladies of Teatro La Bolsa did an excellent job of keeping the students engaged while they provided education in language, culture, dance and geography. Thank you.

Zahra Carpenter: Very good quality of dance classes. Although the founder passed away, it is in the staff and teachers heart to carrying on his legacy. Cannot wait what is next for DIW!

Noelle Hoerrner: I love to dance and the young dancers out there in Washington D.C. I think they have an opetunity here!

Cheryle Crawford: Great teacher for younger " bun heads", continues to use ZOOM classes effectively.

2. Séber Method Academy - Washington



· 9 reviews

4908 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

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Séber Method Academy: what do users think?

Nikita Rao: This dance school is a real find for drop in classes for dance for adults. I would highly recommend Adriane and Kay as they are the two teachers I use for tap classes.They are excellent teachers, thorough with their teachings and very amicable and friendly. I have also met some lovely fellow adult tappers at these classes. I love the concept of drop in classes which, maybe encourages more adults to learn a method of dance without fully committing to a session made up of many weeks. *Remaining message removed per request*

Riley Lewis-Jones: I absolutely love the studio- I’ve been going here for years, everyone is very welcoming and it’s a great environment to dance in! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to take classes, regardless of experience. I especially love the Belly Dance classes and being a part of the Youth Company, Raqs Habibi

Angela Ingram: Great classes an excellent training.

Anastasia Wass: Great teachers and a welcoming environment!

3. Studio One Dance - Washington

· 3 reviews

511 11th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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4. Jones-Haywood Dance School - Washington

· 9 reviews

1200 Delafield Pl NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Jones-Haywood Dance School: what do users think?

M.E. Dolan: This non profit dance institution is a gem. It is run with love and care and earnest personal attention. Lots of places out there see you walk through the doors and just see dollar signs. Ms. Fortune and the team that runs Jones Haywood stay true to their mission of making dance available to all and thereby expand horizons for children and their families. The school and Ms. Fortune has made a great difference in the lives of my children. Highly recommend!!

Adrienne Burrows: I remember the Jones-Haywood School of Ballet from my days as a young girl growing up in Washington, DC. I am so glad that it still is thriving in the community.

5. The Lab D.C. | Breakin' Academy - Washington

· 24 reviews

6925 Willow St NW, Washington, DC 20012, United States

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The Lab D.C. | Breakin' Academy: what do users think?

Jocelyn: My son has been going to The Lab for 3 years (started when he was 5) and he absolutely loves it. The staff are personally invested in the wellbeing of the kids and passionate about teaching. My son was struggling before a tournament and Tazk took the time to FaceTime even though he was juggling so many other things. My son has grown so much emotionally and physically. I highly recommend their camps and classes.

Renata Ko: My 7-year old son has been breakin at The Lab for a few months. The instructors are excellent, patient with kids, and really good at teaching technical moves in a clear, relaxed and fun way. The school even posts tutorials that students can access from home to practice. We travel each weekend from Capitol Hill and it is so worth the trip!

Elisa Om: I enrolled my 5 year old son at The Lab to learn how to dance. The instructors are amazingly patient and I was in awe at how they were able to get my very timid son out of his shell. He has been having a blast and is always asking if its time to dance. Best dance school in the area.

Elizabeth Corona: The staff are awesome. They are all patient and professional. Our son loves going to breakdance every week. It’s been a great way to get some movement in without playing a contact sport.

Amanda Gresco: This is a cool and fun place to learn "breakin" for kids of all ages and adults too. There are regular events where the students can compete. Instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging. I definitely recommend it!

Cel Castillo: Positive: ProfessionalismGreat place for kids of all ages to learn the skill of dancing. Great dedicated staff who love their job.

Steve Spencer: Great place. My son has taken several classes and loves it

6. Dance Place - Washington

· 43 reviews

3225 8th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Dance Place: what do users think?

Ryan Delcher: Positive: Communication, ProfessionalismThe Dance Place Studio team is awesome to work with! I worked with Sarah G at Dance Place for a special event they hosted. She was friendly, professional, and a great communicator! Highly recommend this Studio and their team!

Janine Hightower: The variety of performances that pass through this place is mind-blowing 🤯! A cultural experience for all. Many of the performances offer audience participation/interaction. Tickets are reasonably priced, nice variety of snacks. Also you can often meet performance members after show! Clean bathrooms, friendly and organized staff. Be prepared to give written feedback...😉

dipika: Dance Place is one of my favorite establishments in DC, period. Their site schedule is diverse and offers something for everyone and they really focus on local talent which is special. The classes are also great, quite varied, and the space is good for beginning and intermediate class.

Daniel Burkholder: Dance Place is the premier performance space for dance in the DC region with performances almost every weekend ranging from Modern to Post-Modern, World Dances to Performance Art. Highlights include annual Dance Africa, DC festival as well as its complete season of regional, national and international artists. Dance Place also offers a range of classes for adults and youth from beginning to professional. A great place!

Kate Christopherson: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, ValueGreat communication and fantastic customer service provided by Ava. I truly enjoy their professionalism and responsiveness.

7. St Marks Dance Studio - Washington

· 1 reviews

301 A St SE, Washington, DC 20002

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St Marks Dance Studio: what do users think?

Smalcom Malcom: Best studio in DC.

8. Joy of Motion Dance Center • H Street (Atlas) - Washington

· 19 reviews

1333 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Joy of Motion Dance Center • H Street (Atlas): what do users think?

James Walker: Great energy from Coexist Group on the Atlas Stage, at the Annual H Street Festival. Thousands ascended on the H Street Corridor in NE Washington, DC, for a day of music, dance, food and more.

Krystle Liggins: Love the Afro-Brazilian & The Beginning Ballet Class!

土居奈緒: I had a lot of fun!!

Jessica Adcock: Clean. Friendly staff.

Rivas Rivas: Good

9. DanceSport Dupont Circle - Washington

· 20 reviews

2201 P St NW, Washington, DC 20037

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DanceSport Dupont Circle: what do users think?

Jason Janke: We found Terry with only one month until our wedding day, and over just a few classes he worked with us to choreograph an elegant, yet achievable first dance for us (we came in with no prior experience). We even changed songs after our first lesson, and he was able to quickly change the style of dance to better match the different pace of song. We had fun with the resulting dance, which impressed our guests and brought out some tears. The space could occasionally get crowded with other classes going on, but it was never an issue. We were happy with everything, and enjoyed our time learning/practicing.

Adam Abramson: Terry is very knowledgeable and has good tips. It’s a fun class that I’ll definitely use at my wedding. My only gripe is that if there’s other classes going on, he’s really soft spoken so it’s hard to hear. Would recommend though! Especially if you want a choreographed dance.

Sharon Williams: Love Earl! He is a great instructor! Also love the salsa club he took us to to apply what we have learned. Looking forward to the next class!

Sam Young: Terry was great however it was very difficult to hear with two other classes happening simultaneously in the same room with their own music.

Louis L.: OMG, Terry is adorable. Clearly, he eats, sleeps and breathes everything related to dancing. I have known him to dance with students late into the evening--perhaps having a power snack in between--but never skipping a beat! He is patient and accommodating. My dance partner and I won 3 silver medals after Terry choreographed four fantastic Latin dance routines in preparation for our dance competition in 2018. I am forever grateful to Terry for his training.

John Farr: Great job of teaching the first dance wedding basics

10. District Irish Dance Academy - Washington

· 7 reviews

5117 MacArthur Blvd NW Suite 200, Washington, DC 20016

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District Irish Dance Academy: what do users think?

caitlin fitzpatrick: I have been taking classes at District Irish Dance for a little over a year now and have absolutely loved it. Joe and Bern are both amazing teachers and make classes so enjoyable. So glad I signed up with DIDA!

Ashley Wessel: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityJoe and Bern are true professionals! They are quick to respond to emails and I love how encouraging Bern has been while teaching classes. They come to class prepared to teach and are patient with the kids. I’m very happy to have my daughter be part of their program.

Catharine Parnell: Attentive, enthusiastic, and professional Irish dance and fitness instruction led by kind, thoughtful, welcoming people who have your dancer’s best interests at heart. Challenging and supportive instruction for adult dancers. Highly recommended. 💙 🖤

11. Dance Loft on 14 - Washington

· 15 reviews

4618 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Dance Loft on 14: what do users think?

Sony Laventure: Was a tough process getting the room but we enjoyed the studio space and the sound system. Our participants also gave compliments about the room

Jake Nodar: We shot a dance sequence for a music video and were thrilled with everything about this place. Booking was easy and studio 2 was perfect for what we needed.

Darrell Duane: Great dance classes including Contact Improvisation Dance, Acro Yoga, Gaga, Ballet, Modern and more. Also has a lot of great workshops and special events!

Stephen Clapp: A great place for dance and movement classes! You can also catch a vibrant live dance concert! Also the home of Dance Metro DC!

Cameron Villanueva: My first day here was magical. Ecstatic dance with Atticus Mooney had me coming back weekly to keep the magic flowing.

Sylvana Christopher: A space for the community to train in dance arts, modalities and techniques.

Jennifer Tibbs: Open dance space is a bonus to me!

12. District Dance Arts - Washington

· 4 reviews

2008 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018

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District Dance Arts: what do users think?

Katie Shea Britton: Discovering District Dance Arts has been a highlight of our year! My two oldest wanted to try tap/ballet and the option to take the first class free allowed us to realize only one of them was truly interested. Cristine, the owner-teacher, is nothing short of fantastic with the kids, fully accessible to parents, and proactive with communication. We plan to stay with Distric Dance Arts for years to come.

13. Donna's Dance-A-Studio - Fort Washington

· 3 reviews

9219 Oxon Hill Rd #4834, Fort Washington, MD 20744

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Donna's Dance-A-Studio: what do users think?

Alice Usoro: My child has been here for years. She loves it, I love it. Ms Donna is very accommodating

14. DivaDance® DC - Washington

· 18 reviews

700 Delaware Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

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DivaDance® DC: what do users think?

Chantale love: Before I join diva dance I was working on my confidence and I most say I’m a whole new women after joining. I learn different dance moves and met a lot of good people. I am having an amazing experience.

Dana Frund: Since moving to DC last year, joining DivaDance has been one of the best decisions I have made! I love the community feel, and all the instructors and members are so sweet and fun! If you’re looking to make friends, join a community, build confidence, or dance your worries away, this is the perfect place!

Whitney Franklin: DivaDance DC has been and AMAZING EXPERIENCE! The instructors, the culture, the support, the COMMUNITY! DivaDance has definitely helped me boost my confidence as a human being, woman, and dancer! I am grateful for DivaDance DC and look forward to future classes!!!

Breanne Stockslager: I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with DivaDance! My group did a Beyonce themed "sip and slay" class for a Bachelorette party and had a fantastic time. I would highly recommend DivaDance to anyone who wants to hold a party, event, or even just to go for a fun cardio workout! The package that we purchased came with champagne and fun decorations as well as the instructor emailing us our very own music video which is a pretty fun memory to have for a bachelorette party! The choreography is tailored to whatever level of skill your group has, ours was definitely beginner! LOL. Highly recommend!

THAT EWE GAL: I love it !! Great teachers, great energy, amazing choreographies ! Highly recommended

Cheryl Somers: It looked like a nice place only went in to check it out

Cheryl Somers: Seemed like a nice place only there for a few minutes

15. Centre De Danse - Washington

· 4 reviews

3254 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Centre De Danse: what do users think?

Tamara Belt: This is a great local dance studio with a committed director. My daughter attended ballet classes here when she was young for various years and she was always excited to see Madame Kramer! The is a wonderful way to expose your children to dance at an early age; and continue until they are ready to leave home. I highly recommend.

Cecile Gori: I spent one semester attending the beginner adult class at this dance school and I enjoyed it very much. Madame Kramer is very kind and I feel like I have improved a lot. Wish I could have stayed here a little bit longer !

Anna-Alexandra Rojo Wildman: Beautiful little studio with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, as well as small class sizes for more one-on-one attention from the teachers.

Ali Touzani: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

16. Candace Sheppard Dance Academy - Washington

· 3 reviews

5185 MacArthur Blvd NW #108, Washington, DC 20016

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Candace Sheppard Dance Academy: what do users think?

Ava Faghani: CSDA is the best!! Ms. Candi, Ms. Reagan, and all the other staff create a perfect balance in the studio of hard work, etiquette, technique, fun, and family! If you’re interested in a healthy, yet challenging competition team this is the studio for you. Or if just interested in normal classes. CSDA is my escape, my happy place, and a second home to me! I look forward to every class. I’ve made so many forever friends at CSDA and been able to grow as a dancer, and person. All the teachers are extremely qualified dancers, and terrific people. Much love to CSDA💜

17. The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio - Washington

· 110 reviews

3232 Georgia Ave NW #104, Washington, DC 20010

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The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio: what do users think?

Summer Brouwer: There’s a reason why they have 5 stars! I never had the luxury of attending dance classes. I just moved here cross country and wanted to try a new experience. I was very hesitant, and very nervous, but I bought the new student pass for $100. The pass allows you to attend unlimited group classes for the month. It’s about a week into the session and I am in love with dance! They have many different instructors and many different styles of dance. I felt at ease learning with other students of my skill level and the energy of my instructors helped me feel so comfortable as well. If you’re on the fence about whether you want to try it or not, GET OVER IT! I love it here and you will too!

Reema Bhardwaj: Salsa with Silvia is THE PLACE TO BE. Whether you’re looking to improve your dancing, rent their beautiful studio for your private event, or bring your kids for an experience. You will leave feeling satisfied and happy that you took the step to come in. There is a reason this studio is the #1 Latin Dance studio in the DMV. You can feel the love that was put into the studio from starting out in just a basement to two studios! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The teachers are patient, understanding, and energetic. The adult dance classes are always so much fun and filled with great material you can take with you. They even allow videos to be taken so you can look back to review. And the owner Silvia, she is a boss lady. Very friendly, helpful, and fun. If you’re looking to have a great time with your friends, learn, teach your children dance, or have a private event, come here & don’t waste your time calling other studios!

Darniesha Beach: Took my 2 year old to the babies dance class and the teacher was great. Very good with little ones and my daughter took to her immediately. The class was empty just 2 little ones including mine... but she still managed to fill the time and make it fun. Everything was very clean and location is nice if you want to make a day of it. My only complaint is the time; my daughter has to skip a nap to attend. She was super cranky so I don’t think we’ll be back until a different time slot is available or she no longer needs her afternoon nap. A class between 9&12 or at 5 would be cool.

Melody Bowles: Everyone should go! We did the romantic kizumba class and it was amazing

Zey: Salsa with Silvia is more than a dance studio. Lots of magic happens there. You’ve got all the basics- amazing instructors, good variety of classes in style and level, a professional business, and a safe and reliable environment. In addition, you learn how dancing is about much more than just moving your body. By joining the studio you enter a community, so you meet amazing people and make new friends. The owner Silvia is always engaged and she is always willing to help. I have been going to the studio for about 2 years now, and the instructor I have taken the most number of classes with is Joffre. I always had a thing for salsa, but he is the one who really made me love it. Joffre is technically very competent, and he is also a great teacher (which is not always a given). He is also a warm and genuine person, who is very open to feedback. And as a bonus, he has the best taste in music, I learned the best songs/ artists I know from him. In short, if you are interested in entering the world of latin dancing, SWS is the place for you!

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