Best Clinics To Abort In Washington Near Me

DuPont Clinic Planned Parenthood - Carol Whitehill Moses Center Capital Women's Services Falls Church Healthcare Center MedStar Washington Hospital Center -Washington Women's Wellness Center carafem Health Center National Abortion Federation CARE - Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence Alexandria Women's Health Clinic Whole Womans Health and Family Center Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic Potomac Family Planning Center Hillcrest Clinic

1. DuPont Clinic - Washington

· 54 reviews

1120 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

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DuPont Clinic: what do users think?

Ky: This place felt like a safe haven. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warm smiles and the staff were so attentive to my needs. They walked me through the entire process and were there by my side every step of the way. This is typically not an easy process, but they made this experience nothing short of calming. Special thanks to Emily and the Doctors who were so sweet to me during my stay. Highly recommend!!

Ari: I had a procedure done about a week and a half ago. I really can’t even express just how amazing this clinic was to me ! I’m still shocked at how easy going this clinic made my procedure. I was beyond scared at first and I’m telling you, they will change that from the minute you walk in. I originally was supposed to go to another clinic that turned me away because my iron was “too low”. The minute I made my appointment and spoke to the desk receptionist I knew I picked a good place to come to. Very professional and just nice. Even from the moment that I walked in, the staff was just amazing. Especially during a difficult time. They were never judge mental at all and answered every single question I had. I never felt rushed or anything. I had a lady named Shy (might have spelled it wrong) she was beyond amazing the whole time. Literally talked to me and comforted me both days that I was there. Felt like I knew her forever lol. Sarah was my anesthesiologist and she was wonderful. I was panicking a lot about being put under anesthesia because I never had been before. She made sure she talked to me about everything and answered all 100 questions I had lol. By the second day she definitely made me comfortable and ready. Dr. Kuperstock did my procedure and she was just overall great ! Fast and and answered all my questions. Always made sure I was comfortable before proceeding. That’s another thing that I liked about this team. They worked with me and was just was very patient. They never proceeded without my ok and just asking am I ready. It’s already a difficult time and just so much stigma about certain procedures and the staff here didn’t judge at all. Nothing felt forced, I was comfortable from the first time I walked in until when I left. Everything here was a 10/10. Even in the recovery room. I definitely felt like family instead of a patient. This is definitely the best clinic by far !

Destiny Boyd: I don’t even know where to start, all I can say is, this is by far the best clinic ever. I was super nervous and dealing with a lot by the time I arrived but the staff and Dr. Rubin was amazing! I loved my nurse Sarah and personal care giver, Albright. The experience was very relaxing & the entire office was super private & extremely clean. All I’m saying is, if you want a comfortable experience & a place where you actually get treated not like a patient but family, this is the clinic for you.

Christine Feinour: The DuPont Clinic made the best of a very emotional and taxing situation for us. We felt welcomed and cared for from the second we walked into the clinic. We will be forever thankful for their kindness and skilled service.

Casey B: DuPont Clinic and their incredible staff are a ray of light during such a dark time. The staff here are incredible, I felt so safe and taken care throughout this entire experience. I am so glad that women and families have you all looking out for them! ❤️

Justin Diedrich: I recently visited the clinic for the first time and I was very impressed. The entire process from the initial phone call to patient care is professional, caring, and comforting. The patient care professionals who answer the phone help patients navigate what can oftentimes be a difficult process. They will help get your records and reports, help with logistics--including how to get there and where to stay--and they will answer all your questions without judgmental or pressure. The clinic itself is welcoming and exudes calmness and zen. The flow of the clinic is set so every patient gets individualized, private, personal care. They see patients one at a time so there is no busy waiting room. The nurses who work there are kind, empathetic, and professional. The physician is among the most qualified in the country with many years of experience. The care patients receive in this very special place. For anyone who finds themselves in need of specialized care at this clinic, you will be in good hands.

2. Washington Surgi-Clinic - Washington



· 66 reviews

2112 F St NW Suite 400, Washington, DC 20037

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Washington Surgi-Clinic: what do users think?

Arabella Lones: Had to use a fake name for my review. Travelled pretty far to come get my procedure done at this clinic and let me say the staff is wonderful. Had complications one night at around 2 am and was able fo call and get in contact with the doctor. This clinic in my opinion cares a lot for their patients. I don’t understand the negative reviews that have been left about this establishment but what do you expect coming in, for it to be like Disney world? Look no further than Washington surgi clinic. Yes the process is painful but the staff will ensure that they find ways to help with that. Thank everyone for putting my needs before theirs. That type of compassion is rare

Chanel Cruz: I have never ever been more happy to write a review in my entire life! Washington Surgi-Clinic is a wonderful facility with the kindest staff. My procedure process was a few days but they were always so supportive and helpful every step of the way. Dr. Santangelo was spectacular too! After my procedure I felt no pain nor anxiety. I can truly have comfort knowing my recovery will go smoothly. Nothing is better than a wonderful staff and a wonderful Dr. to create the perfect duo patients deserve especially at this clinic. Thank you so much Washington Surgi-Clinic for bringing me peace during such a traumatizing time. They are truly a blessing.

Shaquonda Samuels: My visit today with this office was nothing short of amazing. From the doctor who talk you through the entire procedure to the amazing nurses who are very kind. Although I never wanna have to experience this again. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for comfort during a time like this. They were simply amazing...

3. Planned Parenthood - Carol Whitehill Moses Center - Washington

· 138 reviews

1225 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Planned Parenthood - Carol Whitehill Moses Center: what do users think?

Selma Mohammed: Planned Parenthood has the nicest staff, they explain everything so well and make you feel so comfortable. I was sedated for most of my appointment and even in my dizziness, nausea and confusion, i knew i was alright because of how nice everyone was. Never once did i feel uncomfortable here!

Avery Alston: All of the staff were super nice and understanding! I was so nervous about my procedure but they helped throughout the whole process. The nurse even held my hand throughout the whole procedure and talked me through it. Everything went smoothly. I was there for about 3.5 hours but it didn’t seem long because I felt very comfortable. I would recommend this location.

Natalie Lambert: I had a hard time getting a phone call, but once I did, setting up an appointment for the next week was simple. Upon arrival, everyone I spoke to (security, receptionists, and nurses) was very kind and helpful. The whole process went very smoothly for me. Check-in was quick since they accepted my insurance and I had no co-pay. I waited about 40 minutes until I was called in but I didn’t mind since the waiting room is pleasant (wifi, A/C, lots of seating). The nurses listened to me and were so nice throughout my appointment. I will definitely stick with Planned Parenthood for future health needs.

Erika Velasquez: I got Anxiety when I was going to get my Birth-control implant removed And one of the nurses were nice enough to Emotionally support me and held my hand through the process overall i had a great experience I’d recommend this place to anyone else for their Birth control needs

4. Capital Women's Services - Washington

· 69 reviews

6323 Georgia Ave NW #210, Washington, DC 20011

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5. Falls Church Healthcare Center - Falls Church

· 43 reviews

900 S Washington St Suite 300, Falls Church, VA 22046

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Falls Church Healthcare Center: what do users think?

andii clements: Everyone I interacted with at this facility was kind, patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. From setting the appointment to recovering from the procedure, I felt supported. Thank you Falls Church Healthcare Center :)

LK Runyan: Considering the circumstances, this place was incredibly supportive and caring. They were flexible with scheduling, answered all my questions and just generally made me feel at ease. During the procedure, staff came in and held my hand to get me through it. It was a small gesture but it made a world of difference. They are non judgemental and made a difficult process as easy as possible. The building is pretty shady looking from the outside but their actual clinic is pretty nice.

Inform You: I have been coming to this location for about 3 years. I get my annual check ups, never had an issue. For every visit the nurse Penny always gives a thorough explanation. When I first started coming here I was really annoyed by the protesters outside the building harassing about abortion, thankfully they have disappeared! FYI park in the back so you don’t have to deal with them.

Elizabeth Merce: I had a positive experience here, considering. The clinic is a bit shabby, but clean and comfortable. The staff is warm and professional, especially the nurses and the social worker/counselor who meets with you to discuss treatment. I had a medical abortion and they followed the law, treated me with care and discretion, and provided all of the information I needed. My time was not wasted, I was treated with respect. I would not choose to go back to the doctor in particular, but I am grateful that this place exists and am fortunate that they were there when I needed them. Thank you!

Lindsay May: I recently had a procedure at Falls Church Healthcare and my experience was great . From the moment I walked in to the clinic I felt at ease . All my questions were answered, the nurses made me feel comfortable because I had really bad anxiety. If I had to do this all Over again I’m glad these women are here to help and I know somewhere that I can go. Thanks again Lindsay

Aakanksha Sriwastwa: The staff here was super cooperative n understanding, n the services were no doubt very well delivered...I traveled 30 mins to reach the place, found few protestors outside the building which worried me a bit at the beginning.. but everything inside the care centre went very smoothly.. highly recommended for good medical services and an overall smooth experience.

Areaonna toro: They are so compassionate. I went for some basic check ups and they took all my questions and concerns very seriously. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people and also half of the bad reviews are people that never actively went in they were protestors outside the building. They don’t just offer abortions stop being rude to every woman that walks out of the clinic. I had people basically chase my husband and I to the car telling us how bad we were and I’ll be hurt forever and all I did was go in for a check up and birth control

6. MedStar Washington Hospital Center -Washington Women's Wellness Center - Washington

· 24 reviews

106 Irving St NW #4400, Washington, DC 20010

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MedStar Washington Hospital Center -Washington Women's Wellness Center: what do users think?

Sudie Faison: Excellent care for over 10 years Dr. Droui as well as her colleagues are prompt they are thorough and they are very very attentive to the needs of their patients I’m very thankful to have met them and to be in their care.

Diana Catron Gallo: Dr. Ye and the OR staff were amazing and took great care of me in my time of need.

karisma hale: I love going here doctors are very nice and never had a problem

7. carafem Health Center - Friendship Village

· 50 reviews

5530 Wisconsin Ave #1200, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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carafem Health Center: what do users think?

Natalie Mack: The staff and facility as a whole were amazing to me. They made a terrible situation into something tolerable. I was extremely nervous going into it but I felt comfortable the whole time. No words could describe my gratitude <3

Azalea Lazo: I am not one to write reviews normally but was super pleased with my experience. The front desk & nurse made everything super easy. I Was very nervous about going but they were super attentive and made sure that I was comfortable and what to expect after my procedure (abortion by pill). The texting hotline has also been super helpful. Def would recommend

Alex Bishop: Top notch quality care. Everyone from the lady at the front desk to the doctor was beyond patient, accommodating, and friendly. The office was clean and nicely decorated , I was in and out with no wait whatsoever. They took my insurance, and made me feel super comfortable. After I left they texted me personally (not automized) and followed up to make sure I didn’t have any questions and to continuously check on me throughout the entire process. I cannot stress enough how wonderful they are there. I literally did not have one complaint. If I could give more stars I would!

Katie Julissa: Very calm atmosphere in here. Everyone’s very helpful and do a great job at explaining everything to you. I appreciate the great care i received.

Jillian S: Wonderful and caring staff, and very comforting environment. I didn’t feel judged at all and they were very patient with me. The entire process was extremely quick, they made me feel as comfortable as I possibly could in the situation I was in. Thank you guys Updated review, went in for a second appointment almost a year later and still had a fantastic experience. If you have trouble with scheduling, I suggest calling on a Tuesday morning as that’s when they have their new weekly schedule out! I had an insurance issue and was running out of time to get it figured out (less than 24 hrs). They were incredibly patient, helpful, and went way out of their way to ensure everything worked out and that my appointment was kept. On my appointment day as always, they were thourough, understanding, and AMAZING. Thank you for helping so many women and for being a great clinic <3

Amy C: This clinic was so helpful to me and provided amazing care. I used their virtual appointment service to get the abortion pill. The medicine was sent quickly via mail. A few days later, during my follow up phone appointment, it was determined that I fell into the 2% that the meds didn’t work for. During that phone call, my in-person appointment was made for the next day to get me seen immediately at the closest carafem clinic. During that appointment it was confirmed that the meds had not worked and I needed intervention. The staff were able to schedule my procedure quickly and provided such compassionate care. They turned a potentially traumatic experience into a medical situation where I received the most compassionate medical care I’ve ever encountered. Every employee that I interacted with at Carafem was kind, professional, and compassionate. I keep using that word because they just all seemed to truly care about women’s health and what I was going through. They acted with urgency when it became clear that I needed extra help, and I’m so thankful for that.

Julie Stewart: I accompanied my adult daughter to Carafem when she had an IUD inserted. The whole visit took just under an hour. We were both very impressed with the office environment (clean, warm, non-surgical feeling) and the staff was very friendly and professional. I was not in the room when my daughter received her IUD but she said the staff was great - reassuring and kind - and the procedure was relatively painless. The staff also explained how she might feel afterwards and what to expect in the coming weeks and months. And they made clear that she could call anytime to ask them questions. Our health insurance covered 100 percent of the cost of the procedure, which made the experience even better! I recommend Carafem to all women who want birth control!

NC: This was my first time, and I was super IMPRESSED! I’d give more stars if possible. From the second you walk through the doors they make you feel so welcomed and comfortable. The appointment was super quick (no waiting), office was SO clean, and the staff was awesome. This was HANDS DOWN the best experience I’ve ever had when it comes any medical appointment I’ve ever had. I would recommend anyone looking for these services to look no further. You’re be missing out if you did!

8. National Abortion Federation - Washington

· 10 reviews

1090 Vermont Ave NW #1000, Washington, DC 20005

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National Abortion Federation: what do users think?

Soheartless: Confidential, trustworthy, care for all women, no matter the age or race! Hard to contact but offer great service once connected...

Dan Mindo: In this climate we need the NAF more than ever.

9. CARE - Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence - North Bethesda

· 46 reviews

10401 Old Georgetown Rd #104, Bethesda, MD 20814

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CARE - Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence: what do users think?

Apryl Bradley: The Staff and Doctor were excellent! I was able to be seen with 3 hours of calling where other clinics couldn’t get me in for 2 over weeks (which is unacceptable in this line of business)! Everyone in the Bethesda office was friendly and so nurturing during a potentially very difficult time. I would highly recommend and wish I knew about them sooner. They were there for me in a time of extreme need when other places weren’t (and didn’t care) and that means the world in a situation like that. I truly am forever thankful and grateful for them.

ashlee briscoe: I have had an extremely hard time with majority of the clinics in every area. I am a new mom dealing with PPD and I was so traumatized by the experience I had earlier today with another clinic. I was recommended CARE clinic by w friend and they were able to accommodate a same day appointment for me. Upon entry I had a pleasant experience with the receptionist on the phone. She was delicate with me, she was polite and professional, and just so considerate of everything I had gone through. She got me booked for an appointment in about 10 mins. I was greeted by Nurse Jackie ( sweetest woman on the planet) she and the receptionist got my checked in, no long wait times, no pressure for payment, literally just took CARE of me. Nurse Jackie and Dr.Carthart were so pleasant, they serviced me with integrity, gentleness, and in a nonjudgmental way. I felt accepted, I felt heard and understood— I was happy all of the other clinics were tumultuous because my experience at the CARE clinic was the complete opposite. Considering everything going on in politics today if you have to seek services such as confirmation of pregnancy and your options THIS is the place to go! You will leave confident in your choice and your home care. You will leave feeling supported and you will feel welcomed here!

isabella arrington: This was an extremely difficult decision to come here but the staff made it easier and took very good care of me. They made a box with some flower seeds and a card with the foot prints from my baby. It meant so much to me. I love that they made something special for me since my situation is so difficult.

Samantha Kunz: Amazing place, I felt so comfortable. This was my first abortion and the staff made me feel safe. If you are considering terminating your pregnancy I recommend you go here.

H Young: After having a terrible experience, I called this clinic and they scheduled my appointment as soon as I could get there after a three hour flight. From the moment I walked in the door, the staff was warm, kind, compassionate and caring. They listened to my struggles and concerns, comforted me and held my hand through a difficult situation. Dr. Swallow saw me that day and took every step she could to make me comfortable and take care of me. She even personally called me a few days later to check on me and make sure I was doing alright. Words can’t explain how thankful I am for the amazing women at the clinic. I will never forget their compassion and kindness.

Valerie Goehring: Dr. Lee and his staff helped me through the most difficult experience of my life. My much wanted daughter was found to have severe birth defects late in my second trimester and we decided to end the pregnancy. I treated with so much respect and compassion and I felt that my daughter was too. I will be forever thankful for their kindness and compassion during a very difficult time.

10. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic - Samuel Tucker

· 36 reviews

5999 Stevenson Ave #403, Alexandria, VA 22304

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11. Whole Womans Health and Family Center - Douglas MacArthur

· 155 reviews

2839 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Whole Womans Health and Family Center: what do users think?

Adrianna Vega: I came to this clinic to establish patient care for the first time and it went by smoothly. I loved my first time experience it felt very welcoming and everyone was friendly. Receptionist are nice and take the time to call ahead for insurance information which I appreciated greatly. Medical assistants are very sweet and reassuring. I enjoyed meeting my provider, I came in for some quick testing so the consultation with the provider was pretty quick but I did not feel rushed to get in/out & I was able to ask all the questions I had. It was a great process truly recommend coming to this location.

Jay H: February 18th, 2022 was my first time at this clinic and it was such an amazing experience. The staff is very welcoming and nice. The lobby is very peaceful and calming. The staff always made sure I was okay and knew what was going on during my visit. They even provided me with water and light snacks throughout the whole visit. It was just an amazing atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this clinic to any and everybody.

Dusty Becraft: I was a complete new patient and from the time I walked in the door to the front desk from the time I left everyone I saw there was the most professional and caring. It was refreshing to be treated with such respect and care. I will absolutely refer everyone to go see them! Great job staff and Doctors! Dr swallow was absolutely amazing! So kind and caring. Job well done ladies!

Shaina: I had such a warm welcoming experience. All the doctors were professional and helpful but also more than doctors, they were really there to be there for you mentally, they truly do care about you! Even the post care service is amazing. They called me I didn’t have to reach out to them!

Ms Literate: I was anxious about my appointment but the staff are very welcoming , understanding, caring and friendly, also very comfortable environment! I will definitely be coming back here for future appointments! Thank you for a great experience!

Efe G: This place was the LIGHT throughout a horrendous pregnancy experience. Dr. Swallow and her team were exceptional. The ambiance was very relaxing, and the termination procedure went smoothly. Everyone was empathetic to our plight. I’m grateful for this center and will forever cherish the care they provided us.

Ravyn Wilson: 10/10. Pleasant and Easy going experience. Would recommend to new patients. Nice staff who seem like they care!!!

12. Silver Spring Gynecology and Family Planning - Takoma Park

· 13 reviews

7676 New Hampshire Ave Suite# 318, Floor 3, Takoma Park, MD 20912

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Silver Spring Gynecology and Family Planning: what do users think?

rosangela Serrano: Quick and easy appointments!

Díane Sibryam: (Translated by Google) I love the treatment they are fast efficient. They are efficient and helpful. (Original) Me encanta el trato son rápidos eficientes . They are efficient and helpful.

13. Maryland Abortion Pill Center - White Oak

· 17 reviews

11031 Lockwood Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20901

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Maryland Abortion Pill Center: what do users think?

Lady Bug: went to this place twice , and received nothing but good service, wait time not to long , and the staff is very friendly and professional ! I’d recommend this place to anyone .

T S: I highly recommend. The office is extremely clean and the staff was very friendly. The doctor was very friendly and professional. The prices are also affordable.

Abby L: Great clinic! I was able to get an appointment quickly. The doctor was nice and explained everything well and even spoke Spanish! Plus, they had plenty of free parking. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Michelle Taylor-Lee: This place was recommended to me by two friends, one had a sonogram for prenatal care and the other had and IUD inserted. Based on their good experiences I became a patient myself for the abortion pill. I recommend this clinic.

Lori Salas: I felt I got the best medical care from the friendly receptionist to the professional nurses and doctors. The clinic was clean and inviting and had plenty of available parking.

Dana Crawford: This clinic has very professional medical care and their prices are among the lowest according to my research.

Liliana Sanchez: I love this place, affordable prices. Lovely workers

Chevelle J.: Great professional experience! Highly recommend

C. Keen: Excellent Service!

14. Associates in OB/GYN Care - Forest Glen

· 2 reviews

9801 Georgia Ave #338, Silver Spring, MD 20902

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15. Capital Women's Care - Washington

· 173 reviews

2141 K St NW #808, Washington, DC 20037

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Capital Women's Care: what do users think?

Isabella Hill: Dr. Bajaj is so patient, attentive, inquisitive, reassuring, and I could tell she really cared. The appointment was on time and everything else went smoothly. She honestly asked more questions than my primary care doctor. I’ll be coming back for her! I did overhear a patient having issues understanding a bill since it said she has money due but it didn’t say what for. Seems most of the issues people have are with the front desk or billing, so fingers crossed my billing goes smoothly. I hope the practice continues to improve on this because the doctors for the most part seem to have really good reviews!

Sarah Mir: This office is very organized and I barely had any wait time. The front desk staff are helpful and they have a patient portal to directly message your provider. I saw Rachel Scantelbury for my appointment. She was so kind and had great bedside manner. I really appreciated how she took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I would highly recommend this office.

Megan Kirshbaum: I need to qualify this review by stating that I was ONLY a patient of Dr. Garfield while I was at Sibley Memorial Hospital. I never was a patient at their CWC office. I love Dr. Garfield. I landed myself at Sibley twice in advance of giving birth, and she was the doctor on-call twice. I liked her so much that I opted to schedule my C-section with her instead of with the doctor at my own practice I was scheduled with! She has a great vibe. She is detailed and thorough, but also incredibly supportive of her patient’s choices. She explains things in a manner which makes sense and is backed up by logic (as well as science and experience). She doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable for asking ‘silly’ questions and will readily discuss alternate options if you don’t feel comfortable with her initial suggestions (although she really does give you all of the options she is comfortable with upfront). My C-section incision looks as ideal as a scar can look. I really felt like Dr. Garfield cared for me as a person, and cared equally for my unborn child and his well-being.

Kristin Roesch: I saw Dr Bohon as a new patient for my wellness exam. She was great and thorough in going over my overall health - diet, exercise, lifestyle habits etc. when I told her I was engaged she was not pushy but super informative in the process of having children (if I were interested) depending upon my age (under 35, 35-39 or over 39). I also really appreciated the fact she referred me to a neurologist to check my migraine medicine and brith control. I really enjoy and appreciate the proactive and preventive approach since there is a risk of complications. Our visit covered so much and so beneficial in all health areas. Such a nice change from other doctors!

Gica Mangahas: Went for a first visit and was impressed with how smoothly the practice is run. Check in was easy, filling out forms/insurance info was easy, the waiting room is spacious, and I was called in on time. Dr. Bajaj was very easy to talk to. Possibly my best/easiest medical experience in DC ever.

Ivey Epps: Dr. Nwankwo is the best at what she does. She’s very knowledgeable and never makes you feel embarrassed about any intimate problem you may have. She takes great care of her patients and is very friendly and warm. She has been my gynecologist for a couple of years and delivered my baby via C-section (baby was breech) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish I would have found her sooner.

Tessa Cannon: I have nothing but positive things to say about MA Dani and Dr. Blank (and I’m fairly harsh critic.) I don’t think I fully understood what bedside manners were until I met MA Dani and Dr. Blank. Dani was incredibly kind and made the experience so comfortable and relaxed. Before Dr. Blank got started on anything, he asked how I was doing. How my stress levels are. Work, political pressures, family, well-being…He really checks in with you. He made no assumptions about anything. He will ask about everything with the true intention of wanting to know how you are doing. I am so thankful someone recommended him.

16. Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic - Berwyn Heights

· 28 reviews

5915 Greenbelt Rd, College Park, MD 20740

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Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic: what do users think?

sbudK: I wanted to write an honest review for someone who may have to go through what I did. My baby stopped growing at 15 weeks. My dr referred me to dr gohari at the greenbelt office for a d&c. I didn’t realize I was literally going to an abortion clinic. Where I would see other patients willingly aborting their babies, while I was on the other hand devastated that I was in this position and would’ve loved to trade places with these girls who had the choice. I don’t judge anyone on their choice, but it’s not really what you want to be around when you just learned the day before that your baby didn’t make it and now you have to mentally prepare yourself for this procedure. This clinic is intended for abortions, and not the right place for someone who lost their baby out of their control. However, the same procedure as an abortion is still necessary. Yes, the office is in a sketchy area, the building is sketchy, and the pro-life protesters outside the clinic really doesnt help the situation. I almost turned away instantly. Once inside, the medical staff was ok. But they are definitely used to women being there because they want to, and they were confused why I was there. I didn’t choose to be there, I never wanted this. I spent the first couple hours on the verge of tears because I felt so wrong being there. But once I met Dr Gohari, I was instantly comfortable. All I can say is wow, he was unbelievably great. I did not expect such a great dr because of my initial impression. He was so nice, understanding, listened, and made sure he explained everything thoroughly while taking his time. It was the first time I felt any type of relief in my devastating situation. I highly recommend him. He made my experience amazing given the circumstances. If you are on the fence about making the appointment, you really won’t regret making the visit. Hopefully this helps someone who may have to visit for the first time and doesn’t know what to expect.

Deidre Vailor: I had an OB/GYN appointment with this practice. It was a great experience the office was very neat and clean . The service that was provided by the medical assistant Miss. Nicole was excellent , very compassionate and understand made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely. refer my friends and family to this practice. Thank you so much. Keep up the great service.

TRE & KEVIN: I am new to the area, and after a long search I found a new Doctor! I had a Gyn appointment with Dr. Amir Gohari yesterday and I must say I have found myself a new Gyn. He was very informative and sensitive to my needs as a new patient. The staff members were great! Everyone was very welcoming, and the waiting area was clean. I just want to Thank Dr. Gohari and his staff for a job well done on making me feel welcome!

17. Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic - Joint Base Andrews

· 13 reviews

5625 Allentown Rd #203, Camp Springs, MD 20746

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Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic: what do users think?

Connie Hinshaw: Staff was very kind and understanding. I cannot speak for the surgical procedures but if plan c is what you are looking for, this is definitely the place to go.

Tia Bunny: The service was above expectations. Very professional and nice.

Brittany Lee: Great experience twice.

Kaley Gann: I had a great experience here. Everyone was professional and nice, and I was given the price prior to the visit without any surprise fees. The treatment was very comprehensive and they made sure I had everything I needed to be fully prepared.

18. Potomac Family Planning Center - Rockville

· 48 reviews

966 Hungerford Dr #24, Rockville, MD 20850

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Potomac Family Planning Center: what do users think?

lindsay bragg: This place is so wonderful especially during a time where you can feel all alone they are very helpful and very adorable. Brooke was amazing and super caring she help me so much and I definitely will referred them to anyone

Valrie Carpenter: I can’t express enough how kind, caring, and compassionate these women are that work here. They make everything easier. Their commitment to each patient goes above and beyond words! Making some decisions can be tough but the ladies are there for you in every way a person in healthcare should. Understood and heard. Please I recommend this wonderful clinic. A total clean and positive environment for all women. Thank you to each and every person who works here.

Emily Hash: Honestly I was here a year ago I just made an appointment because I need to go back for one of there services but this place ain’t the biggest or fanciest but it’s clean the ppl there were all super nice and saw how super nervous I was they comforted me the whole time the nurse saw how bad I wanted my bf with me to hold my hand and made me a promise to me she would still be holding my hand when I wake up and she was that made me feel so secure I love the way they ran things here!!! I never write reviews but Absolutely recommend

Kristina Goycochea: I just really want to say how much I appreciate all the staff that were there. From the ladies who check you in to the anesthesiologist, doctor, and everyone else. I was so incredibly nervous and everyone was so helpful to provide me an environment where it felt safe and comfortable. It even made me emotional on how friendly and supportive everyone here was. Thank you so much again.

lindsay jones: Staff is very friendly & compassionate! Everything was vey organized and process was smooth from start to finish! I highly recommend!

Sara Forney: I drove about six hours to get to this place after receiving some misinformation from a local reproductive center. For the majority of the six hour trip I convinced myself something was going to happen to prevent a successful procedure. I think the traffic coupled with those concerns threw me into a pretty severe panic attack. I panicked from the time I walked inside until I was laid on the operating table. The nurse was struggling to administer my IV, to no fault of his own, when I reached peak panic. The nurse stopped what he was doing to hold my hand & assure me I was going to be fine. The doctor who stood over me made a point to be very kind & very patient. He didn’t make me feel like a burden, or like he wanted to hurry up & be done with me. They didn’t have to be so sweet. I know I must have been super annoying. The whole staff maintained a caring & compassionate attitude. It’s probably the best place to go in east coast.

Brittanie Harris: The staff here is EXCELLENT! they make you feel super comfortable. the recovery room staff talk to you the entire time to make you feel comfortable... & David the anesthesiologist is the BEST

19. Hagerstown Reproductive Health - Hagerstown

· 15 reviews

160 W Washington St, Hagerstown, MD 21740

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Hagerstown Reproductive Health: what do users think?

Chey P: Friendly and compassionate staff. Yes there are protestors but the escorts will get you in the door before you have to deal with them. Staff is very understanding and makes you feel comfortable being there.

Fay: Highly recommend this place , I’m so thankful that i finally found a great clinic in my area to help out with my situation. 🙏🏼

Kelsie M: Ok.. So. No, this is not your big city “planned parenthood abortion clinic” you see in movies and no what you see on tv and the videos you’ve searched prior to this is not what actually happens inside this clinic. Yes, there is protesters and they WILL try to get you to go in the wrong office which is a pro-life ultrasound center beside the clinic (The escorts are awesome they will help you, with anything possible) Entering this building I was definitely at my lowest all the girls were, but the staff - straight forward and did everything in their power to help. Surgical procedure appointments are long and you basically see every member of the staff and I wish I could remember all of their names or even one of them but that day was a rough one. Not one of us girls in that waiting room wanted to be there but there we sat, once again the staff - there to work, and fast. First I was taken back and they determined how far along and sent back to the waiting room. Next I was sent to a nice room with recliners and the NICEST woman, so understanding and kind and she began to explain to me what was going to happen, she comforted me and gave me pain medication before hand. Then I was sent to several other rooms and went trough several other steps such as bloodwork, counseling, paperwork, etc. before the actual procedure.. but when I was taken back the nurse stayed by my side the whole entire time l was crying, damn near passing out, screaming in pain, most likely kicking the doctors face, I even started throwing up all in a 5 minute time frame. The Doctor didn’t speak, he just did his job. But that nurse helped me that day more than she will ever know.. I didn’t get her name but I had to hug her before i left, she didn’t have to hold my hand and help me like she did. She helped me stumble back to the recliner where it all started but this time all the chairs and couches around me were full of the girls I started with in the waiting room, everyone just starring at the floor. and then here I come throwing up all over myself and bleeding through the pads they put on me during the produce and asked the other nurse to help me... they tried to feed me cookies, waffers, crackers everything but i wasn’t hungry.. she gave me several discount cards for prescription birth control they had written for me because she knew my no insurance situation.. If you all read this, thank you so much for everything. Ladies life gets better, just get through this. You are not alone, especially at this clinic.

Deana Greenberg: The staff is warm, helpful, and reassuring. There are usually escorts available to help you get past the harassment and lies of the protesters out front.

20. Hillcrest Clinic - Baltimore County

· 35 reviews

5602 Baltimore National Pike #600, Catonsville, MD 21228

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Hillcrest Clinic: what do users think?

Makaila Yates: I wasn’t too fond of the receptionist but I did have a pleasant experience after getting my first surgery. Not to glorify abortion but I would definitely come back here. They provided a cover, snack, and water after the surgery. I was also made comfortable in a state of, some what confusion, after being under anesthesia.

Judith Young: I was 11 weeks when I came here, I read the reviews, I wasn’t too happy but I could afford it. I didn’t have a good experience all the way until the actual procedure, but the nurse who helped me, saved me. I wish I remembered her name but if she was so sweet and reassuring and just what I needed. This was during Covid so my spouse couldn’t be with me. But this stranger could have been my spouse with the compassion and love that she showed me. Thank you for your staff. She made up for everything else I was feeling. And that isn’t a light statement to be made.

Amber Wallis: This is the second abortion clinic that I’ve gone to. Overall experience was great. I wasn’t confronted with protesters when coming into the building like the other one, the wait was quick but I also came in once they opened to avoid that problem. Staff actually offered a pictured of my ultrasound showin they cared enough to understand how I was feeling after asking questions. First time I was ever prescribed pain medicine other than instructed to just take ibuprofen at home, shows that the doctor really cared about me being comfortable through the pill abortion. Had to sign contracts before receiving the pill to understand guidelines and such, very professional on that aspect. The place isn’t very bad for what I had to go in for although I wished they also offered birth control methods as well so I wouldn’t have to make another appointment else where.

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