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1. El Rinconcito Cafe

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El Rinconcito Cafe

Address: 1129 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 202-789-4110

Business type: Salvadoran restaurant

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El Rinconcito Cafe: what do users think?

Food Enthusiast: Great food, reasonable prices, and large portions! The restaurant is small but cozy and very clean. The staff are very kind and welcoming. I will definitely come back and try their other dishes. One of the best Salvadorian food restaurants I have been to in DC!

Elizabeth Tate: This place has the best horchata and the best enchiladas I have ever had. Every bite of this meal has bursts of flavor! The refried beans were 💯, and the salad on the side with the sour cream and guacamole wasn’t just that, it had a bit of salad dressing on it too! Ever been part of the clean plate club? This place will make you a part of it so fast you will want to come back for more 🤩

Michael “Newmie” Newman: #Update 5/24/2022 — pupusas de queso para llevar! Que Rica Comida! Y no tan caro! 🤠 The best pupusas in the NW DC quadrant! This eponymously named “Little Corner” restaurant sits just enough patrons, including a few bar stools, to make a simple weekend lunch feel like a Fiesta con Familia! With a flair for Comida Latina, especially from El Salvador 🇸🇻, there is plenty of La Vida Feliz to meet everyone’s particular “el disfrute” wish. Pupusas, tacos al carbon, fajitas, nachos… the standard fare expected and well-glamored… and thusly prepared finely by a hidden kitchen that certainly possesses the culinary culture deeply ingrained. Mi Contessa had two chicken enchiladas (“rojas”) which she found to be quite delicious and served warm, not too hot. With the small salad (“pico de gallo”) and an illuminating beans & rice combo on the platter, her hope for a blessed Mother’s Day meal was realized. The can of ginger ale was a surprisingly pricey addition to an otherwise very, very good bargain lunch celebration at this hidden hacienda. For me, my enchiladas were filled with frijoles (currently necessity requires eating less meats, though proteins are crucially important). The tortillas themselves were the best part, quite refined and baked evenly. Nicely evened “queso” melted on top, with a bit less smattering of the salsa than i was hoping for. Still, quite flavorful, even with a slight disappointment over the refried beans wrapped up. (Not so sure, but perhaps not homemade but from a can.) Overall the meal was quite what one will want when seeking a simple meal alone or small group desiring traditional Central American cuisine. However, the happy vibe of this hard to find place must not be underestimated, and the two mesera gentlemen really enjoy doing the serving to please — a service not found easily as well during our Covidmess times. *** ⚽️ on the televisions also! … Barca o Real Madrid??? You decide, Caballero!*** 🤠✌️✌🏽

Logan Gore: Yum! Yum! Yum! It’s hard to find good and authentic pupusas that aren’t too greasy but this place has them! Sooooo good! I ordered two chicken and two pork pupusas. They are huge! I didn’t need four haha! And a side of fried plantains! Small hole in the wall very much worth visiting!!

Elliott McClelland: Highly recommended! This neighborhood find was a great surprise. Authentic Salvadoran food with friendly staff. The pupusas were great, and I loved the chicharrones. If you are in town near the convention center, give this place a try!

Gaelle Claude: Nobody does Salvadoran food like they do at El Riconcito Cafe. I first found out about this place from my boyfriend and his coworker who had been there once before. They raved about how great the food was but I honestly underestimated how good it was until I tried it. It’s a nice, small cozy restaurant with the authentic vibes. I have been there a couple of time by now but the first time I ordered chicken enchiladas which came with a side of rice and beans, guacamole and sour cream — 9/10. They have great portions for fairly low prices. I also tried their horchata with a shot of Hennessy; it was pretty good. The next time I went I got a chicken chimichanga which was also a hit. Their customer service is on point. This place is a must try! Overall the experience is 10/10

Melissa Davis: This place is phenomenal !!! the food is very delicious, the coffee and the natural juices tasted very good, the owner and the waitresses are very friendly and we found the place to be cozy and very clean.

2. Bub and Pop's

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Bub and Pop's

Address: 1815 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-457-1111

Business type: Sandwich shop

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Bub and Pop's: what do users think?

Larry “Big Schlim” Mcleod: This place comes highly recommended when looking for a hoagie in DC. So as you know, I’m on a hunt for the tastiest cheesesteak/steak n cheese (Native Washingtonian way of saying it) in the area. I’m late but I’m ready…Let’s go see what they’re hittin on!! . Where I am: @bubandpops . Location Reviewed: 1815 M St., N.W. Washington D.C. . Menu Includes: Craft Hoagies; Fried Chicken Cutlet Hoagie, a Chicken & Tuna Salad Hoagie, Cheesesteaks, Beef Brisket, Roast Turkey, Italian, Chicken or Eggplant Parm, a4 Cheese Hoagie, Salads, Soups, Desserts, Craft Pickles, Beer, & Wine. . Items Reviewed: Their Bub’s Italian Hoagie (with LTO, Genoa Salami, Sweet Capicola, Hot Capicola, Pepperoni, Aged Provolone, Hot & Sweet Peppers, Pickles, Mayo, Bub’s Vinaigrette, Pecorino Romano $13.50 half). STAMP!!! I see why this is their most popular sub!! Decadent!! Get this!! Heats up well too!! Their Brisket, Turkey, & Bacon Hoagie (with LTO, Mild Provolone, Hot & Sweet Peppers, Bub’s Vinaigrette, Pecorino Romano $13.50 half). Absolutely DELICIOUS!! The meat was super tender like butter!! The bread got soggy quickly, but that didn’t make a difference…DELICIOUS!! Their Cheesesteak/Steak n Cheese (with Provolone & Onions $13.50 half). Absolutely DELICIOUS!! This is the BEST one I’ve had yet!! I should’ve thrown some mayo, & if they had it, green peppers on this. Their Oatmeal Chocolate Chip ($2.20). STAMP!! They put love into making these!! . Customer Service: Attentive & Welcoming . Online Navigation: Easy, 3rd party Delivery . Parking: Metered & Highly Enforced. . Recommendations: Get that Italian Hoagie. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️=STAMP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️=DELICIOUS ⭐️⭐️⭐️=DECENT ⭐️⭐️=PASS ⭐️=NAH #Bigschlimsreviews

Heriberto Gonzalez (Heri): Holy poo! This sandwich spot was legit! My wife remembered seeing Guy Fieri show this joint on Triple D. We got the Italian and the Roast Pork with gremolada...the first was good but that pork sammich was next level! Every bite left me wanting more! The folks at Bub and Pops are deserving of high praise...great food and they were super fast too!

Paul G: One of the worst customer service places in the country. Staff is openly hostile. First experience in 2018 was a driver with their logo on their car crossing a red light and almost hitting pedestrians and then flicking everyone off. Today was I’m guessing the grandma yelling “f you” to me when I let my umbrella get their carpet wet. I’ve actually had their food once and it’s some of the most overpriced garbage that only DC would be able to sustain. They don’t put themselves in a neighborhood part of town because locals would eat them alive. They feast off of tourists and old diners drive in and dives promotions. Additionally their online business practices are outlandish - they first off charge in store prices of over $20 for a sandwich, but the markup they allow for their delivery partners or pickup partners are over 100%. They have control over that but don’t care. They may have some tasty sandwiches in comparison to what is in the area (frankly I think they’re too dry) - but it’s not worth the patronage. Hoping they close and are replaced by business people who care about their local community, not try to exploit it. Get ready for the crybaby owner response below. Also check out their health code violations online. Gross

Jackie Ndebeka: I needed a cheesesteak hoagie like home (Philly), they made me a cheesesteak like home. The family who run Bub and Pops are super friendly, run an amazing hoagie joint, and make some damn delicious food. Worth every penny.

Tan Sav: Ordered takeout from here. I got the cheesesteak with mushrooms. It was definitely delicious. A little pricey, but delicious.

All Good Home Inc David Pugh: One of the better steak subs in the dmv. Provalone was the star of the show for my Cheesesteak this morning, the roll did the splits on me on the 2nd half but was lite and had a great skin texture, was very good, steak needed a little seasoning but was cut perfect overall great experience super friendly staff definitely will be coming back again.

3. Jimmy T's Place

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Jimmy T's Place

Address: 501 E Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-709-3557

Business type: Breakfast restaurant

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Jimmy T's Place: what do users think?

Evelyn Acevedo Ruiz: Jimmy T’s! Let’s say coming here is like going to your great grandmas to have breakfast… it is a family own business, so you will see the mother cooking your breakfast, father at the register and the sons will serve your food. The place is very antique, and I’d say need a bit of maintenance, but if you like trying traditional places, you have to come, waiting for your food is going to be long time, but is worth the wait to have that warm familiar atmosphere.

Alejandro “ZTXH” Zamora Jr.: This little place is a great find. The food is great, has a like home feeling, and feels like a small step into how things were a while back. Friendly service, great tasting food and amazing atmosphere. This is a Cash only establishment

Rachel Cipkins: The food was so good!! Can’t go wrong with a $3 grilled cheese at 7am. Make sure you have cash

Jimmy Thren: My name is also Jimmy T, which is why we went to check it out. After two years of the pandemic, this was the community we’ve been missing so much. Kind, thoughtful and fun staff. I love how sarcastic everyone was with each other. It’s a cozy, fill you up, delicious breakfast stop. If you are a craving a place that makes you feel like your apart of the family, this is it.

Mad Mike0082: Absolutely the best breakfast place I’ve found in DC. Super affordable , cash only , food is perfect. Not for the fancy crowd for the real down home folks. Will be back every morning.

Amanda Pedraza: Best diner experience I’ve ever had. Food was amazing service was even better ! 10/10 would recommend! The woman behind the counter is god sent !

4. Surfside Taco Stand

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Surfside Taco Stand

Address: 1800 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 202-466-1830

Business type: Taco restaurant

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Surfside Taco Stand: what do users think?

C F: Pretty good burritos. Fresh and tasty. I enjoyed my burrito and would try other ones. I deduct 1 star because the price is higher than expected for 1 normal sized burrito and the lettuce/salad was a bit confusing. Also the chairs and tables were pretty dirty when we were there. But overall great sauces and friendly service.

J. W.: Came here for the first time last night and I was very impressed. Good food, quick service and 24 hours… can’t beat that. As you can see the food is seasoned and portioned great. Definitely can see myself returning. That shrimp burrito and street corn is definitely a game changing combo for the nightlife eating.

Shelbie Ammirati: Delicious! Perfect midday lunch for us as we visited DC and rode scooters around town. Perfect amount of food and the food was so good! I got the Nevis and husband got the Rio, both were great!

Petr Tojsl: Delicious tacos! I got the north grill taco, which consisted of well seasoned mahi-mahi, tasty Chipotle sour cream dressing, and pickled vegetables like lettuce and onion. Along with that, came a delicious yellow lime rice. After my meal, The cashier kindly explained to me how they make their tacos, so that I can replicate the recipe at home. This place is slightly pricey, but definitely worth the price in a big city like DC. Also, they have a fine range of tasty hot sauces. Finally, they’re very quick! I got my taco in under five minutes!

Anas Souid: The best Mexican food I had in the US so far; everything was extremely fresh and the ingredients were clearly top quality. Food preparation time is also pretty fast.

Josh Stein: $15+ tax for this? Bora bora burrito Bland, small portion - stick with Chipotle or District Taco Guac is very chunky and also bland - ironically there may be more calories in the chips and guac than this $15 burrito Second photo is the chips that were left after we finished the “guac”. You all would be able to save on food cost and provide decent portions if you put something else in your guacamole aside from 1/4 chunks of avocado…

Antonio Pena: Great taste good, service is very good, awesome tacos, highly recommended if you are at the Wharf in DC

5. &pizza - K Street

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&pizza - K Street

Address: 1400 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-335-5991

Business type: Pizza restaurant

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&pizza - K Street: what do users think?

Kevin commodore sr: Awesome Employees everyone has an awesome attitude and the food is fresh and great tasting! The place was clean and smelled like fresh pizza! Would recommend everyone that comes into the area to try this location!!!

Frederick E Stidam Jr: Very good service at this location. Friendly professional staff. Ordered 3 pizzas in which all made exceptionally well.

Ieasha Jones: Best pizza we’ve had in a long time. Quan and David were so knowledgeable, kind and helpful. It was our first time so we needed a little patience to be added to the mix. The spicy honey topping was the bees knees, pun intended! We were here yesterday and decided to come back today on the way to the airport for one last taste of yum mines before heading back to Atlanta. Thanks for being so hospitable &Pizza at K Street! We will definitely be back!

GCARD: This pizza is so good, small enough to eat on your own and not have to split, as well all the employees were very nice

Cassandra Carter: The facility was extremely clean, service was wonderful. Emma our server was amazing and was very helpful with our order. She created the pizza exactly how I wanted it! The foods delicious 😋

Tamara Lewis: It has been over 2 years since I ate at &Pizza, but I’m glad I decided to go yesterday. The pizza was delicious, the staff was very friendly, but Quan stood out the most. I loved his energy and customer service, he just made the pizza taste better. Great job!

Bogi Yohannes: Thank you for the great and friendly service from Demargeo and David.The pizza is amazing and hope to be back there real soon.I appreciate you.You guys are awesome. Great time again at &pizza.Emma and Trina took great care and made it a work of art.The best pizza is &pizza.Thank you for the great service.

Tanesha: Absolutely amazing service! I went into this location today at 1pm to grab a pizza on my lunch and was greeted with a wonderful smile and great commentary. The service was fast and friendly. I would definitely recommend.

Nihan Cinar: The worst I ever seen and experienced!!! I ordered from their website at 12:42pm and I’ve an email confirmation and text message that my order will be ready between 1:10-1:15 pm. I went there around 1:05pm. They were not aware of the order. And keep saying it will be ready soon. At 1:30pm it wasn’t ready - it was just cheese pizza with no toppings just that simple!! And they are basically lying to you looking at your face!!!! And one of the staff told me I can order from other places???!!!( which really I couldn’t think!! 😀😤😤) very poor management and customer service.. Don’t ever order again !!
Response: Hey there, Nihan. We're sorry you had a bad experience with the shop you visited. Reach out to us at 200-03 and will do our best to make right the situation! 🍕❤️

6. The Well Dressed Burrito

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The Well Dressed Burrito

Address: 1220 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 202-293-0515

Business type: Mexican restaurant

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The Well Dressed Burrito: what do users think?

C F: Sooo good and great prices!! We tried the daily special burrito and it was delicious- plenty of meat, rice and veggies. Some indoor seating and outdoor seating was bonus. How have I only recently learned about this place?? Will definitely be going back!

Ismael Alfaro: From being a restauran to be a place of love and appreciation to his food service, adding the right amount of time and preparation to his “platillos”well-known around the area, must be a great team with a high quality of product to offer, no forgetting their delicious “postressillos” else looking to have a dine in, it’s absolutely reasonable looking at that amount of space offer at that place, it’s completely sure it won’t be a problem, since there’s it’s just to much to se around. At the end of your meal or visit, true happiness will show.

Larry “Big Schlim” Mcleod: So look this spot is in the CUT!! Like literally…it’s down an alleyway, in a door, on the side of a building…THE CUT!! This place is a straight up gem, AND, the entrees qualify for BIG SCHLIMS LITE POCKET MEALS!! You’ll be fulfilled, and it’s in your budget!! TRUST!! . Where I am: @welldressedburrito . Location Reviewed: 1220 19th St., N.W. Washington D.C. . Menu Includes; Marinated Burritos, Quesadillas, Tacos, Marinated Burrito Bowls, Enchiladas, Salmon entree’s, Shrimp Ceviche, Open face Burritos, Birria Tacos, Steak Chimichurri, Grilled Burritos, Nachos, Fajitas, Falutas, Mexican Bread Pudding, Cookies, & Beverages. . Reviewed: (All meals came with rice, black beans, and a salad. Sour cream $.79, Pico de gallo $1.99, Queso $1.99, Tortilla chips $1.49) Their Grilled Chicken Quesadillas (with peppers, mild sauce, & sour cream $10.99). STAMP!! Enough, & tasty!! Their Marinated Chicken Enchilada (with hot sauce $9.99) STAMP!! Huge, savory, spicy hot, on a crisp flour tortilla!! Winning!! Their Birria Tacos (with consommé $10.99). Absolutely DELICIOUS!! 2 large tacos, with those spicy black beans & delicious consommé’!! Their Chargrilled Steak Chimichurri (with steak fries & Brazilian garlic herb sauce $10.99). STAMP STAMP!! What a magnificent meal!! Medium Well steak, with that lemon zest garlic sauce…EVERYTHING!! Get this!! Their Chips, Queso, & The Pineapple Jarrito beverage were all STAMPED as well!! . Customer Service: Superb . Online Navigation: EASY . Parking: Metered Street Parking . Recommendations: EVERYTHING!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️=STAMP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️=DELICIOUS ⭐️⭐️⭐️=DECENT ⭐️⭐️=PASS ⭐️=NAH #bigschlimsreviews

Soumeya B.: Wow! Can’t get worse than this.What makes the experience even more painful is the price I paid for really bad food. The chicken tasted old and the berria was too sour and came with a watery consommé. It’s just bad. The rice was bland and the beans watery. I really don’t understand all the 5 star reviews. This is what we ordered: Chimichanga (was not crunchy and was more like a bad burrito), the dos tacos, and the baria.

Sophie Jylan: Definitely try them out. The entrance is in an alley and easy to miss, but when you walk in it’s adorable. I went in a group and we were doing a project where we needed to order food in Spanish. The people there were so nice and accommodating.The food was also really good and a reasonable price for the area.

Tim Kocher: Great shredded beef! Super freindly staff!

Ravi Yelleswarapu (Venkata): Got the chimichanga and loved it. Huge portion sizes and hot sauce was spicy and went well with the food

7. Amsterdam Falafelshop

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Amsterdam Falafelshop

Address: 2425 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-234-1969

Business type: Falafel restaurant

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Amsterdam Falafelshop: what do users think?

Kevin Shim: Quirky spot with good falafels. I was looking for a light, refreshing meal on a Tuesday night. This place didn’t disappoint. The falafel bowl with everything was good. A bit pricey considering the size of the bowl, but quality over quantity. The fries were a bit meh. It comes with curry ketchup which is an interesting twist. A pleasant surprise. Overall, a good place for a light meal. The interior decor is unique. It’s worth stopping by.

sanaz moein: A bite to remember! I’m a big fan of falafel, and here was just great! Price is reasonable and u have many great choice to add to your falafel with no extra charge. Also it’s located in one of the coolest street of dc occupied with bars, cafe n restaurants.

D Brown: A trip down memory lane to summer days at one of the real deal falafel spots in Amsterdam. The only thing missing is the endless self serve salad and veggie bar.. $7,50 for a regular sandwich with 3 falafels was delicious and worth it. Small dining area with an Amsterdam kind of decor.

Mischa: Very good falafel and French fries. Very nice staff as well. Nice cozy little place.

Prahalad Pateel: Very very tasty falafel. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options. They offer a lot of toppings and all of them are really really good. The falafels were really crispy on the outside but very soft and tender inside. The service was very fast and the staff really friendly.. We ordered a regular bowl and the portion size was good. Would definitely visit again.

Raghukumar S: Food was great, only problem is seating and parking.

R Raghu: Very good place if you are craving for Mediterranean food. Mostly to go, however there are few seating arrangements outside. Food is delicious. Made upon order. Their falafel tastes delicious and freshly made. Hummus and other toppings are really good. I would come back here when I am in the area again. Their menu is simple and easy to chose from. Kids surely will like fries. Price is decent too..

Ivan Maertens Aramayo: Safe ordering. Delicious menu. ORDER the fries and mayo! Dr Brown sodas, La Croix waters. Love the peach mango kombucha. Seating outside is comfortable and spacious. 3 regular tables and 1 bistro table inside.

8. Good Stuff Eatery

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1975 reviews
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Good Stuff Eatery

Address: 303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-543-8222

Business type: Hamburger restaurant

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Good Stuff Eatery: what do users think?

Elizabeth Dou: The burger is pretty good, a little heavier and greasier than expected. The bun gets kind of soggy with all the toppings. Burger is also on the smaller side. Price range for a burger is greater than $9 depending on your toppings. Fries aren’t crispy and more on the soft/soggy side despite being served hot. There is a place upstairs to eat as well as outside seating. I think Five Guys and Shack Shack are on par with this burger place.

Kyle Van Hecke: Things I like: Good burgers and shakes! Fries are actually really good too (despite some of the reviews suggesting otherwise) but you have to eat them fresh. They put all their fries immediately into a sealed paper bag so they will get soggy unless you eat them at the restaurant. They also have a selection of fry dipping sauces that are good! Things I dislike: the burger size could definitely be bigger. I do eat a lot but I can easily finish 2 burgers in one sitting (which is waaaay too expensive for my budget). Their beer selection is pretty underwhelming too, they only have 1 option at the moment. Finally, they charge a 5% “COVID surcharge.” I absolutely understand the time we live in but just be honest and raise your prices… don’t add on a hidden 5% fee. Fees like this feel very dishonest to me and that’s why I knocked them down from 4 to 3 stars.

TRAM HA: Came here cause it was close to the Capitol and had lots of reviews. To be honest I’m not sure why cause the food was ok. Burgers tasted alright. The fries were not good but better with the thyme and rosemary. I think it’s also the oil in fries that I didn’t like. Also ordered two shakes. Salted caramel (my mom liked that) and a cookies n cream shake that of course didn’t have enough cookies. It was pretty much a vanilla shake. Maybe it was just the workers that day cause they weren’t that friendly. You know when you don’t want to be at work and others can tell? Yeah it was like that.

Charlie Sanders: One of the best burgers I’ve ever had, and reasonably priced as well. The Prez was definitely worth the money, and the rest of my crew loved the burgers they got. The toasted marshmallow milkshake was heavenly. If I was a legislative staffer I’d be eating here everyday.

9. Ben's Chili Bowl

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5310 reviews
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Ben's Chili Bowl

Address: 1213 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-667-0909

Business type: Family restaurant

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Ben's Chili Bowl: what do users think?

Oi Lin “Chinagirl568” Wong: Walk in and order, they will bring you your food. There are a few tables up front, in the middle and in the back. Pictures of famous people all over the walls. Even have a TV playing with more pictures. This is a DC landmark. The place is fun to check out. But the chili was just ok... Service was good.

Evan S: A must try when coming to DC! I loved eating here.. everyone wears masks and are nice and friendly.. the hot dog was okay.. the burger and chili bowl with rice is what shined.. check it out

Trent Hinek: I don’t know what else can be said of this diner. The half smoke is one of the best Chile dogs you can have and their milkshakes just compliment the spiciness of the chili. You really should seek it out if you’re anywhere near U Street in DC. Just make sure you go to the original one. Their new one in the convention center is only open during events.

Sam M: One of the more famous restaurants in DC and rightfully so! I visited this place several times after the venues in U street. From Obama to Bourdain, a lot of famous people have been to place and it is been tourist’s attraction for DC. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you can tell this place has been around for a long time. I ordered their famous half smoke chili dog, chili cheese fries and milkshake. Probably one of the best chili I ever had and beef dog was cooked really well. Even the milkshake was pretty good too. It is a perfect late night food after the venue or a few drinks. I was there pretty late during the weekend and there were plenty of drunk people there. I highly recommend this place for some good chili and half smoke dog!

Jean Ng: Milkshake ☑️ Chili Bowl ☑️ Hot Dog ☑️ Onion Rings ☑️ What else are you waiting for !? Get your bum here already at this most soulful diner in town. Its definitely a DC institution with wonderful food. Many famous people have frequent this joint over the years and you can sit where Obama sat. It was a weekday lunch hour and thank god its not filled with tourist and the line moves quickly at the counter. By the way the white outdoor tents doesnt belong to Ben’s Last but not least, it was the google ad about BEN’s that brought us here from NYC. So thank you google !!

10. District Taco

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2766 reviews
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District Taco

Address: 1309 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 202-347-7359

Business type: Mexican restaurant

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District Taco: what do users think?

Luke Chang: Food was okay. Not a lot of space to eat in-door. Layout is different, with up-stairs level. Services was okay. 2 unisex restrooms. Cleanliness needs improvement. I like the setup so I can see the food being made. Not bad, not great, just average. Overall, I would come here again.

Kevin Rayan: Always a favorite for lunch or even dinner when I am in DC. It’s reasonably priced for DC and the tacos are so delicious. They replaced the soft drink machine in the photo that was unique to them with coke products modern machine and I am happy about that. I always get water but now my options improved. Highly recommended that you try them.

Emma Heys: Great food! Delicious veggie options and a fab selection of fountain drinks. Charming art deco building

Darmesha Holland: I used To visit this location almost everyday for lunch as I worked Right across the street, I haven’t Been here since before COVID before today. I was Not happy with my service today as the salsa bar was closed the employees had to place my salsa in containers, I was Told by a male employee that I was Limited on the amount of salsa I could Have because they charge for extra. I have no issue with paying extra for condiments but the way I was Told was very rude
Response: Thank you so much for reaching out to us with your feedback on your recent visit with us. We have had to discontinue the use of our salsa bars for the time being, and apologize for the disappointment surrounding that. We will make sure our team is more informative when it comes to explaining and offering our new limits on dispensing sides of salsa. I apologize for the inconvenience, regardless, and want to make this right for you. Can you please send a copy of your receipt to

Love Isbeautiful: Before the pandemic I used to eat here often since I work one block away. Since we are now back at work, I decided to eat here again….twice. The first time, my order was completely incorrect. I didn’t have time to contact the store because I had a meeting to get to. Needless to say I tried eating some of the food and it just wasn’t good. The rice was hard and tasted old. Everything else wasn’t fresh like it used to be. The second time, which was today, again the rice was hard and tasted old, the bacon wasn’t cooked all the way through, and the chicken tasted old as well. I’m not sure if we can blame the pandemic for the poor quality of the food but I won’t be eating here anymore.
Response: Good afternoon, Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback on this recent visit with District Taco. I'm so sorry to hear about the conditions of the order you received, and we definitely want to make this right for you. Our ingredients should always taste fresh and we pride ourselves on the high quality of our products. When you have a moment, can you please send a copy of your receipt from this order if it is still available?

Amy Tucker: I had the three tacos on flour tortillas with carne asada. Hubby had three tacos on corn. They were EXCELLENT. The meat was smokey and tender, super juicy. The habanera salsa was perfectly balanced. Enough acid with the heat to make it sing on the pallet. I really loved their mission to have a low carbon footprint. The vibes inside were authentic and comfortable and they even have us access to their WiFi!

Melissa Marie: The chips and queso, with pico added, was perfect for an evening craving in the hotel. The salsa was pretty good, but not as good as the queso. They have kiosks inside to order quickly and pay. Dedicated area to pick up orders.

Hannah Feldman: I love district taco. The corn tortillas are gluten free and they are delicious. They are thick and they warm them up and they are a joy to eat. The whole set up for District Taco works really well, since you tell them everything you want when you order. I would eat here every day if I could.

11. Lucky Buns

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677 reviews
new review
Lucky Buns

Address: 2000 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM

Telephone: +1 202-506-1713

Business type: Restaurant

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Lucky Buns: what do users think?

Larry “Big Schlim” Mcleod: I made a decision to go to this spot at the last second. I honestly forgot that I had been wanting to go ahead and try their burgers. Well I went I tried them and I’m gonna tell you all about it. Feeling lucky? Got buns? On 2000 18th St., N.W. Washington D.C., right on the corner, you’ll find @eatluckybunz for drinks, beers, and…Burgers!! . . . Let’s get to it this place has all different kind of burgers like their Lucky Bun burger with two Creekstone patties, Gouda, lucky sauce, pickles, arugula, and grilled red onion. They also have chicken sandwiches like their Japanese themed Katsu bun (Fried chicken thigh with Tonkatsu sauce, Karashi slaw, Nori, and turmeric picked onion. There is a veggie burger available, toppings like bacon jam, and a runny egg available. They have fries that they called chips like their cheesy chips with green chili queso & cojita. There’s sauces range from curry to mumbo!! . . . First up I got their OG burger(pictured with Double patty, gouda, she lettuce,Well red onion, garlic mayo, yellow mustard $14 bacon jam & a runny egg added $16). DELICIOUS!! If it weren’t for the soggy bun, this would’ve been a STAMP!! . . Second up was their Hot Tiger bun spicy fried chicken thigh sandwich (pictured with Sichuan peppercorn spice paste, pickles, onions, buttermilk ranch mayo, and Chinese yellow mustard $12) STAMP!! Thick, crispy, and HOT!! This joint was good goodt!! . . Thirdly was there Bogan Bun (pictured with Double patties, Gouda, bacon XO jam, Lucky sauce, pickles, grilled red onion, and arugula $15). STAMP!! The bun held up on this one and all these ingredients melted in your mouth with the aftertaste of that bacon jam!! EXCELLENT!! . . Lastly I had their BRAAI (South African bbq spice) spiced chips (pictured with spicy Sambal ketchup $7). DECENT. The fries were lukewarm, but the ketchup made up for that!! . . Customer service was DECENT. As messy as the sandwiches were, I got no utensils, and more importantly no napkins. Online ordering was easy, and simple, parking was rough, I didn’t check the cleanliness, the inside was closed, but they still fulfilled online orders. They got good burgers! That’s it. #Bigschlimsreviews

shehzan dahya: honestly, best burger I’ve had and top of the list. the vibes are amazing and it’s a very neat place. I had the OG and Royale and they were both cooked to perfection. my friends for hot tiger and Alfies and loved it.

Brandon Arnbrister: Picked up at Union Market. Ordered the belly bun. Amazing burger. Cooked perfectly, well seasoned. Just delicious. Highly recommend

Mark Orebiyi: Got a chance to stop by Lucky Buns with the Fried Chicken Sandwich crew. We started our journey at Lucky Buns a little over 2 years ago. We’ve gotten the change to try the DMVs top 27 Fried Chicken Sandwich spots (still more on the list). It’s been an experience. Lucky Buns was always a fan favorite. The service was awesome and surprisingly quick. We ate outside since the weather was amazing. They have a very cool vibe. Staff is friendly as well. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Steve Smith: Called for a take out order and just asked for two burgers that are recommended and an order of fries. Wasn’t sure what we got but thinking it was the OG BUN and BOGAN BUN but honestly not 100% sure. Rating is a 4 out of 5. Both burgers were bursting with flavor but a little too much sauce and not a fan of burgers falling apart when you eat them. The fries were average and wouldn’t order again.The burgers are way above average and borderline excellent. Night before had a burger at Duke’s Grocery which was 5 stars, so I place that above Lucky Buns not not by much!

12. G Street Food

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176 reviews
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G Street Food

Address: 1030 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Business type: Brunch restaurant

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G Street Food: what do users think?

Sanai Thompson: So basically went here on a school trip. They served spaghetti, meatballs, chicken Parm, and salad/ veggies and some noodles For starters when I used the tongs to pick up the chicken it fell off and it was very mushy and soggy Don’t come here it’s disgusting and made me loose my appetite. Simone broke out in hives becuase of the lemonade My friend got sick becuase of the salad the meat was so processed ANWYAYS terrible place ew👎🏾

Hauls With Jessica: If you want to enter hell go here. The meatballs weren’t even real meat…. The broccoli is was frozen, the spaghetti was cold and sticky, the cookies almost broke my teeth.. Horror movie are better than this. I’d rather die than eat here AGAIN! Beware on future school trips

Joy Amessoudji: Great service, nice atmosphere, clean, quick…the food just genuinely tasted terrible. Not cooked poorly, just bad flavor. Of course that’s not something the employees can control so five stars on their part🤷‍♀️

Elianna Wesly: Instead of taking your kids to a horror movie, go here. You get the same scare. The chicken was dry, the cookies almost cracked my teeth, and oh not to mention, my friend got FOOD POISONING! There was water in the bathroom floor, and it smelled gross.

Trevor Vander linden: Absolutely terrible don’t recommend. Bagels were stale and orange juice was sour, bacon was oddly cooked

Adam Temple: Excellent foodGreat serviceMy group loved it

Crystal “Crys” Wainwright: First time here and I will be back to try more of their menu. I came for lunch and had the chicken quesadilla and fries. Fresh food and it tasted good. Prices are on par with the downtown area so not surprised. Plenty of seats and not overcrowded at 1:30 when I went.

13. Wiseguy Pizza

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2722 reviews
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Wiseguy Pizza

Address: 300 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-408-7800

Business type: Pizza restaurant

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Wiseguy Pizza: what do users think?

Sajud Hamza: If you looking for a late night snacking wise guy pizza is a great option right in the middle of Washington DC.. you get all kinds of pizza plus the garlic breads are soo yummy you can’t stop eating !! It has outdoor seating but lacks parking and it’s a problem all over the Washington DC for parking!! Open till late on the Washington street!! Best for after party food!!

Tommy Byler: This is the best pizza place I’ve ever been to. I can’t recommend enough the Korean Chicken and Buffalo Chicken pizzas. They are pictured below. It’s around 5 bucks a slice, but totally worth it. The chocolate chip cookies are warm and but underbaked, perfect.

Maggie Wei: Really good pizza! I’m not really a pizza person because I’m usually not a huge fan of dough-related products but their pizza is pretty good! I tried the grandma, Margherita and supreme. All are really good. Pizza’s crust is thin and not too dry. I’ll definitely recommend the Margherita, it has a special flavor (I think it’s the mozzarella cheese they use have a really rich flavor). Staff are also all really friendly! I’ll say they’re probably the top 2 pizzas I’ve had in ny life so far (my top one is in NY Hudson valley area) If you’re visiting DC and don’t know what to eat, this pizza place definitely worth a try! Food is good and the price is reasonable.

Katlyn Martin: This place is great! The slices are huge and affordable, and there are so many options to pick from. Highly recommend the Buffalo Chicken and the Supreme… the Mushroom Truffle isn’t bad either. The only recommendations I have are maybe for signage (so people who haven’t been there before know how/where to order) and take away spices (pepper, cheese, garlic) - as it is, you just scoop them out of a community container directly on your pizza which isn’t the most sanitary option.

Tim G: Tasty specialty pizzas. Nashville hot chicken and Korean chicken are delicious choices – interesting flavors, balanced with fresh crispy cabbage on top, and a wonderfully thin and crunchy crust.

Yessenia C: Really good pizza with delicious flavors. Crispy yet chewy crust. Lots of great options to choose from. Open late night. They warm up the pizza to the perfect level.

Matthew Cook: Pizza by the slice. Whole bunch of different pizzas. All of the ones I tried were very tasty. Couple of salad options. Open late. Good price for the size of the slices

14. Tortilla Café

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435 reviews
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Tortilla Café

Address: 210 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 202-547-5700

Business type: Salvadoran restaurant

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Tortilla Café: what do users think?

Chris East: True hole in the wall. I can see why Guy F enjoyed this place. Ordered the empanana player and was not disappointed. My wife and two kids enjoyed the visit as well. The food came out hot and fresh even though it was near closing time. The setting inside was quaint and was great for my family. Easy to locate and was conveniently located next the marketplace. The service was also top notch. The staff were very friendly and clearly shows they enjoy what they do. My only opportunity is the need for a better selection of drinks, specifically tea. But that does not affect my 5 star rating!!!!

Critical Chris: A real DEAL on the Hill: one of the last of the affordable and satiating places to eat still left on the hill. One of the LAST still left in DC. Before the Hill gets even more bougie than it is now, make time to try this place, now, to get a taste of a blue collar meal that will fill you up for the rest of the day! Try the Salvadoran breakfast, or a side of the delicious sweet sautéed plantains, depicted in my photo, or the Mexican breakfast, a breakfast burrito with egg and crumbled chorizo, a seasoned sausage. As of April, 2022, this wonderful hidden treasure IS OPEN for dining inside, or on their patio seating out front, across from Eastern Market.

Marinne Hardy: This was the worst food I’ve ever tried to eat!!!! I was offered a replacement. I pass I never want to go there again!!!!!!!

A. Kobrina: We were starving when we stumbled into this little joint! They had vegetarian and dairy intolerant friendly options. The prices are super low for the area and the food was so darn good!!! I d highly recommend Mexican food deliciousness to any of my friends!!!

Todd Bissey THE BISSEY RE TEAM: Tortilla Cafe is one of the best kept secrets on Capitol Hill. The food, service & overall experience is always top notch. Mr. Canales and his daughter Catalina are always so friendly & welcoming. Such a great family & Capitol Hill staple. And the prices at Tortilla Cafe are extremely reasonable to boot! My favorite is the Cuban Sandwich with a side of their plantains. Delicious!

Blair Wriston: I really liked this place, but the last few times have been super disappointing. I used to always get their Salvadoran chicken sandwich, but lately the chicken and the sides have been absurdly over cooked - to the point of inedible. The plantains were really dry, and the chicken was very rubbery. Just feels like the quality is slipping a lot.

Bessie Ayala: Listen I am very picky about pupusas since I’m Salvadorian and it’s our National dish. I have tried many spots in the dmv and I have to say this is top tier when it comes to pupusas. It’s made just right and I’m obsessed. I’m so happy I found this spot so close to home. Friendly staff and speedy service. We only ordered pupusas but deff will be checking out the rest of the menu.

15. Ted's Bulletin

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3806 reviews
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Ted's Bulletin

Address: 1818 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM

Telephone: +1 202-265-8337

Business type: American restaurant

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Ted's Bulletin: what do users think?

Arash Tavakoli: I had one of my best dining experiences in this place. The breakfast is easily enough for two people. The staff are super welcoming. Try their tarts and that tastes like heaven. Been very happy with the pancakes and hey they bring you a whole container of coffee. I also really liked that when we ordered one breakfast for two, they put it in two different plates. Thoughtful! So enjoy!

Calvin Thumma: My wife and I went here after a recommendation from a co-worker of mine. The area we are from has a number very good bistro and brunch locations but this meal blew them out of the water. My French toast was by far the best I’ve ever had, the bacon was crisp, potatoes were perfect and the eggs yummy. My wife’s meal was equally delicious, she order eggs, potatoes, toast and sausage. Nicole was our server and made sure every was perfect and never left our drinks get close to empty

Paul LaVigne: Enjoyed the bakery treats we had the other day so much we came back for brunch. Be sure to call ahead for reservations as this is a very busy place with longer wait times. The food was excellent. I do recommend you come and enjoy this place when you’re in town

Jessica Zheng: Pretty good brunch location! For drinks, we just got a caramel iced coffee and a vanilla milkshake. Coffee was okay, didn’t really taste the caramel flavor at all. For our meals- I got the Big Mark Breakfast. The sausage was very tasty but the eggs and hash brown were pretty bland, I ended up using dipping them in ketchup. Boyfriend got the salmon toast, that was surprisingly tasty! I was just weirded about eating raw salmon as my first meal of the day but it caught me by surprise!

Tilak Kalaria: Absolutely spectacular dining experience at Tex’s Bulletin for brunch. Service was awesome in this spot with a great ambience and location in DC. The food was excellent too so much to choose from. Their avacado toast has such great attention to detail. The S’mores tart was special! To better enhance our awesome experience someone kind patron paid for my party of 5’s brunch!! Highly recommend Ted’s!!

Fiorella Hidalgo: Went to get the special cherry blossom dessert during the Cherry Blossom Festival! Smoked Salmon Benedict is one of the best I ever had before! (I like it better than Kramer’s!). It took a while to get seated on a Sunday morning, so try to make a reservation in advance!

Hannah: Okay. I’m excited to review this place as an avid brunch food lover. To begin: we were told that the wait time was 40mjn and given a buzzer. Great. No problem, totally understand. To be fair, we hadn’t made reservations that morning. We wait 50min. They then tell us to wait another 30 minutes. My pregnant and hungry friend got it changed to 20min. Still. Once inside, the vibes were great. Our server was fast and attentive. Huge food portions and cute decor. Definitely not worth the weird waiting times, but will definitely make reservations next time!

Jacob Grice: Breakfast was awesome!!! Staff was super nice, restaurant was clean and the atmosphere was uplifting and calming at the same time. Food was very good and filling , you must try the cheese cake!! Defiantly will be back again!!

16. Unconventional Diner

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2009 reviews
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Unconventional Diner

Address: 1207 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM

Telephone: +1 202-847-0122

Business type: Restaurant

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Unconventional Diner: what do users think?

Zeyu Hu: Went to Unconventional Diner for both brunch and dinner and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint at all. Brunch: Got three different items to share for brunch, and each was unique in its own way but complimented each other so well. The shrimp and grits were perfect. The BBQ shrimp had an amazing smokey smell which really made it stand out. The biscuits were also amazing, nice and crispy and the house made sausage was great. The blueberry pancakes were the fluffiest I’ve ever had, a great sweet treat to end the meal. Dinner: Came back for dinner a week later and it blew me out of the water again. As the name suggests, the menu has a large variety and when the waiter tells you you can’t go wrong with anything, they ain’t lying. We got such a variety of food - from French to southern, Chinese stir fry to Cuban. It just all works so well. Bottom line: A must visit if you are in DC. The best wait staff and service. But remember to book ahead!

Claire Mizutani: Went out to dinner with my family and a friend from school. Great food! I really enjoyed the mezze and the Mac n cheese. Speedy service and great labeling on the menu for those with dietary restrictions. I wish that the outdoor seating area had heaters but now that the weather is getting warmer that may be less of an issue

Christopher Guarin: Was in town to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. We made a point to stop in for some brunch before walking all over town. We were definitely not disappointed. Everything we tried was delicious! From the drinks, to the Everything Lox, and Chicken and Waffles....every bite was amazing. We will be back for more on our next trip!

Eric Lee: Got the cheeseburger and fried chicken. Both were phenomenal. Simple dishes but everything was cooked and seasoned so well. Price for these dishes were affordable. Great vibe as well, pretty large space. Will be back to try more!

Queen Melissa: Wonderful for family outing , a date and friends brunch. Everything was outstanding. The cleanliness was good. The customer service and server was really nice. My kids loved everything and they are usually picky eaters. This was my first time eating shrimps and grits all I can say it was amazing. Overall,we were a satisfied family and will be back again.

Ben Multak: Unconventional diner dishes but delicious flavors. Everything I’ve tried here has hit and the restaurant itself is a well oiled machine. Highly recommend if you find yourself in the area. Really enjoyed the Crab Fritters and Fried Chicken

Sirius Fidelity: This was one of my favorite food places on my trip. The place was a pretty good size, clean, and bright. There also appeared to be outside dining as well. I ordered the kid size portion of the Blueberry Lavender Pancakes as pictured, and the Shrimp and Grits. Nothing short of amazing. Prices were reasonable and the portion sizes good. I highly recommend this place.

Christal Young: I love a place that has vegan as well as non-vegan options. This place was so good, I came back two days in a row. Their kale nachos were just superb and their cauliflower salad with falafel was also delicious and filling. The colors and ambiance are also nicely done. There are several dining spaces, including indoor and outside seating, each with its own vibe.

ReCreate Artworks: I found this gem about a 20 minute walk north of the mall. I cannot recommend it enough. There was plenty of seats, the staff was quick and efficient, and the restaurant itself was stunning. It makes you feel luxurious without having the price tag that usually comes with it. It’s very affordable but the quality of food is beyond the price. I got a double shot of espresso and the Brussel Sprouts with Fried Egg. 10/10.

Chunhee Hong: We had buttermilk pancake, corned beef hash, cappuccino and rise & shine. All delicious! The customer service and server were really nice. Overall,we were satisfied and will be back again to try other menu!

17. Chaia Georgetown

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685 reviews
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Chaia Georgetown

Address: 3207 Grace St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM

Telephone: +1 202-333-5222

Business type: Taco restaurant

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Chaia Georgetown: what do users think?

Emma Rose Wooten: Fantaaaastic and delicious fast-casual vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free food!!! I got one mushroom taco and one sweet potato taco – sweet potato is definitely the best. The girl who took our order was super friendly, and our food came out within 5 minutes of ordering. Just be aware that there is very little seating inside so you’ll probably have to take it to go and eat outside.
Response: Thank you for visiting our Georgetown shop. The sweet potato taco is a favorite of ours too! We also love the rainbow chard quesadilla. It is a new seasonal item on our menu. We hope to see you again soon.

Vikram Seshadri: One of the best Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants I have visited. Must try the Brussel Sprouts Quesadilla. Loved their Herbal and Green tea as well. Ton of options and definitely will recommend to anyone who is in DC.

Mario Morales: Very interesting but healthy and delicious. All vegan options but with so much flavors. So good! We had a variety of tacos and all were so good. I had to order seconds! Staff was friendly and the girl behind the kitchen counter was very nice and helpful.
Response: Thank you, Mario!

Devin Boe: Overall pretty good tacos, and I love the idea of a plant-based taco place. The sweet potato tacos are great, but the asparagus tacos were not good, both texture and flavor wise. The black beans with crema are tasty, but could have used more jalapeno. This location has a nice patio to eat on right outside by the canals, great for nice weather! Also, service is excellent. The people who work there are quite kind and friendly!
Response: Thanks! We appreciate the feedback on the asparagus taco and the black beans. The chipotle sweet potato taco is a customer favorite. Delicious vegan or with cheese. We hope you come by again. Our menu changes with the seasons.

Amy Suchodolski: Fantastic vegan & vegetarian taco shop in Georgetown. The tomatillo gazpacho was cool and refreshing. Hibiscus tea was great. Tacos are delicious.
Response: Thank you! We are so glad you enjoyed your vegan and vegetarian tacos and gazpacho. We hope you visit again soon and try our new kale salad. It’s delicious.

mithilesh shivapuram: The tacos are one of best and fresh of all.I can make suggestion of introducing some different tortilla varieties would be great
Response: Thank you!

18. Keren Cafe & Restaurant

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980 reviews
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Keren Cafe & Restaurant

Address: 1780 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM

Telephone: +1 202-265-5764

Business type: Eritrean restaurant

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Keren Cafe & Restaurant: what do users think?

Yongjian Si: A cute family style Eritrean restaurant near Dupont Circle in Washington DC. Friendly staff and tasty dishes! The dishes and stews were flavorful and fresh. They also offer American style breakfast, but I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try a new dish here. Vegetarian friendly. If it’s your first time trying Eritrean cuisine, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. Plenty of options for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike.

Melissa Unzueta: This is my second time eating Ethiopian food and it was a true delight. I was feeling under the weather and needed a wholesome nutritious meal and decided to get their Special Shiro. It was creamy, flavorful, scrumptious. I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out my order came with an extra of Enjera bread filled with their lentil sauce and spinach. Thank you for a wonderful culinary experience!

alex clark: After hearing raving reviews from our friends, we finally tried this place…..which quickly became our favorite Ethiopian place in the city. Get the Ethiopian beer, it’s tasty and cheap!! The meal was fabulous and Uber filling. We got there right at the right time because it became packed on a Friday evening!

Fiona Alison Kibblewhite: We had a fantastic experience here! Amazing food and such good prices. We ordered the Keren special (#4) with chicken and thought it was delicious! It was also big enough for two of us to share (granted we don’t have huge appetites). I cannot recall having such good food for dinner in a sit down restaurant for less then $10 each. The wait staff were super kind and helpful, especially helping us decide what to order. I would highly recommend!

Sam OB: I would say Keren is the best breakfast spot in DMV. I would always go there anytime any day. Very cozy and reasonable price. Check them out you won’t be embarrassed.

Ray Moreno: Keren is a Washington DC jewel! It isn’t glamorous, but it’s authentic, down to earth culinary delight. An Eritrean guy told me about it years ago and I’m a repeat customer. The Ful is a great way to start your day with some yogurt, diced tomatoes, jalapeños & an egg or two. The two French rolls help wipe away the last few bites. The pasta nicely combines Italian & East African flavors. The tibs are over the top tasty and plenty juicy. I often enjoy the vegetarian combo that includes cabbage, spinach, potatoes & carrots, fresh green salad, spinach, spicy lentils and yellow split peas. Two pieces of Enjera is a perfect proportion to enjoy your communal eating experience. They’ll offer more if you ask. I love to end my meal with an individually brewed coffee or even a spiced tea. You can also make it a latte or cappuccino. Let me add, it’s extremely inexpensive! $10-$15 for one which is difficult to find in DC.

Nils Hünerfürst: Keren is a really good place for a devent veggie platter. Not so pricey but super tasty. Super nice team.

James Wang: Amazing restaurant for Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine with large portions and some of the best food in D.C.! Very friendly staff who came to check on us up all the time. The restaurant is a little small, so make sure to get there early, but the atmosphere is very cozy and I truly appreciated the experience.

Anna Sun: So, SO good!! I just wish my friend and I ordered one dish to share instead of struggling to finish two. Food came out quickly, and the service was friendly.

Josh Axelrod: Great prices for an authentic meal. For newbies to the wonders of Ethiopian cuisine, go for a veggie combo or the Keren special to sample as many things as possible on a heaping platter of Injera, spongy Ethiopian flatbread. A perfect place to grab beers with friends while you share a plate of Tibsi and other treats.

19. Falafel Inc

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390 reviews
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Falafel Inc

Address: 1140 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30AM

Telephone: +1 202-488-4983

Business type: Falafel restaurant

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Falafel Inc: what do users think?

C Lilakos: Literally one of the best values in DC. The falafel bowl is loaded with spinach, falafels, toppings, and as much sauce as you want for $7. You can add fries for $3. The fries are bomb, have great flavor, and they are generous with the serving. This is hands down the cheapest meal I have had since moving from Queens to DC. The food and sauces taste great. The red sauce is SPICY. I love spicy sauces but a little goes a long way with this one.

Alisha T: It’s THE falafel spot in DC. Fresh and tender! Love the $6 falafel veggie bowl with garlic sauce 💯 Wish they sold tabbouleh as a side. Try it and you’ll be back soon!

Alexander: Wow, really tasty! Workers weren’t the most chipper/ chatty, but that’s all right as I knew what I wanted. Falafel was fantastic, and the fries, well, you have to try them with their tasty sauces. There is a reason people are saying it’s Washington D.C.’s hottest new restaurant. It was worth it, and the prices were pretty fair! I would recommend you try it for yourself!

Larry “Big Schlim” Mcleod: On this episode of BIG SCHLIMS LITE POCKET MEALS it’s been a long while coming, but, I finally made it to 1140 Maine Ave., S.W. Washington D.C.… @Falafeldc !! You can truly get inexpensive and fufilling food here. On top of that it’s also healthy food. Everything in here is vegetarian or vegan. Every meal you buy helps to feed a refugee in need, so they can eat with dignity. DOPENESS!! . . . This place adorns one of my most favorite things about a eatery… A simplified menu. . . So first up you have a falafel sandwich (pictured with falafel, lettuce, red cabbage, Pali salad, tabouli, tahini, with red sauce on a fresh baked pita $4)…STAMP!! Fresh falafel ingredients, Stuffed in a sizable pita…WINNING!! . Second up is your falafel bowl (pictured with falafel, red cabbage, tabouli, tomato, cucumber, pickles, and Zatar chips on greens with special sauce $5). STAMP!! The freshness of the falafel sandwich w/o the bread!! . Thirdly there’s their 100% Vegan Shawarma sandwich (pictured with vegan meat, red umami cabbage, lettuce, pickles & special sauce $5). STAMP!! I know you’ve heard this before “You really can’t taste the difference!!” In this instance…it’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! . . Oh it’s not over!! I copped their Zaatar fries, Zaatar chips, & Hummus all for $3 each!! All these items were DELICIOUS too!! . . With stand up tables outside this spots customer service was on point, online navigation was smooth, the store cleanliness was decent, but parking was difficult. This is the perfect BIG SCHLIM LITE POCKET MEAL spot!! On another note places like these would be life changing in local disenfranchised neighborhoods…$3 bucks for a delicious healthy sandwich would go a long way, AROUND THE WAY. Try it. That’s it. #bigschlimsreviews #litepocketmeals #falafel #hummus #shawarma #falafelbowl #vegan #vegetarian #healthyeats #inexpensive

Krishna Bhavithavya Kidambi: What a great place at an amazingly cheap price point. $3 for a Falafel sandwich without compromising on the taste and it was a small menu. We went almost at the closing time still the falafel was crunchy and hot. The bow was also good. Get the sandwich with added hummus. They are following good covid protocols. The staff were wearing masks and they are allowing only 5 people at once. There is no parking here but there is street parking but it might be tough to find. Overall an amazing place and if you want enjoy falafel this is the place to go.

Ashley Romnosky: The food was delicious and the various sauces made every bite very different and exploding with flavor. The flafel and shawarma were both tasty.

20. the DINER

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Address: 2453 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: +1 202-232-8800

Business type: Diner

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the DINER: what do users think?

Catherine Ekman: French toast has chicken served right on top Of it. Mushy and lack of flavor in French toast. Chicken is tender but also flat flavor. Onion rings are burnt and lack flavor. Looks like the kind you buy frozen and fry. Soda machine broken. Milkshake was delightful, sweet and creamy! All of the tables are peeling finish on wood tops. The bench seat upholstery is cracked and peeling. All the vents in the top of the dining room are fuzzy with dusty ick. The waitress and host are very nice. Too bad the food isn’t as stellar as it could be, such a good trendy location and updated historic location.
Response: Hi Cathrine! I'm sorry to hear you were dissatisfied with your meal. We are always working to improve our menus, and new items are added regularly. I hope you'll give us another try in the future!

Regina Hogan: Willy at The Diner was so awesome! Excellent customer service. The fish tacos and cherry blossom shake were amazing! Got a table outside in the shade. Very satisfied, will definitely be back!
Response: Thank you so much, Regina :-). Glad to hear you enjoyed everything!

Megan Bennett: Went to this place while visiting DC with my boyfriend. The food was amazing and the service was even better! Our waitress (wish I could remember her name) was awesome and very accommodating. Will definitely visit again when I’m in DC!

Pandora White: It was amazing. I went at a crowded time on a Saturday. I managed to snag a seat at the bar. The portions are nice. The price is amazing. The service fast. I recommend this.

Des KF: On the way into DC my boyfriend and I wanted to stop at this spot for lunch. When we arrived it took a little time to find parking. When we walked in they told us we can sit anywhere. Emmanuel was our server and he was good. We started with cocktails and I got the Bonecrusher and it was tasty. For my meal I got the chicken sandwich and it was so good! The aoli was very tasty that they added. My boyfriend got the Diner Royale and he enjoyed his meal. The bill came to about $52. We enjoyed and would return.
Response: Thanks, Des!

Levnon: Not a bad place to grab a bite. They got a good selection for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Quality is good, and so is the service.
Response: Thanks, Levnon!

Paula Ramirez: This place never disappoints me! The food is so delicious! I ordered the Ponderosa omelette and it was just perfect! We ordered the migas and wow so delicious! We also ordered a burger and it was cooked to perfection! If you want to enjoy great food at a reasonable price here in DC you def need to stop by the Diner!
Response: Thanks, Paula!

Barb O: Just terrific! Exactly what you look for in a diner… quick service, (thank you Tamika!) delicious and plentiful food at a good price, friendly staff.
Response: Thanks for your support, Barb!

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