Best Bilingual Schools In Washington Near Me

DC Bilingual Public Charter School Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Adams Campus) Sacred Heart School Washington International School Powell Elementary School British International School of Washington Marie Reed Elementary School Early Steps Bilingual Preschool Rochambeau French International School German International School Washington D.C.

1. DC Bilingual Public Charter School - Washington

· 21 reviews

33 Riggs Rd NE, Washington, DC 20011

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DC Bilingual Public Charter School: what do users think?

kassahun workneh: Hi I love the school, my son likes it to and he has been there since he was a little baby. This is his ninth year at the school and currently in fourth grade and about to go to fifth grade. He has made lots and lots of friends and every year he makes a new friend. They have classes of Spanish and English. I in Spanish they learn reading and writing and science. I in English they learn math and writing and reading.

Kevin Ventura: I love it Great Education

Clark Johnson: great education

Camila Martel: (Translated by Google) For me it is one of the best school my son has grown in DC bilingual. God bless all the teachers. (Original) Para Mi Es Una De Las Mejoress Escuela Mis Hijo An Crecido En DC Bilingual Que Dios Bendiga A Todos Los Maestros

2. Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School - Washington



· 13 reviews

5000 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School: what do users think?

Jennifer Anthony: awesome I just moved ther

Yoissi Ramos: unique

Anibal Segovia: Great

Carlos Lopez: (Translated by Google) It is bilingual(Original)Es bilingual

3. Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School - Washington

· 12 reviews

30 P St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School: what do users think?

tyeshia johnson: My son is a pre k4 student and I love this school. Such a great place for him to learn about the world around him in a diverse environment where he is learning another language!!

Ileana Schinder: Awesome school, great teachers and excellent curriculum.

Euclides Rengifo: (Translated by Google) I like MVPCS. Honestly it is a wonderful world where education and culture is built in English and Spanish. Students and Teachers maintain a pleasant educational environment with a policy of care and preservation of Nature. (Original) Me gusta MVPCS. Sinceramente es un mundo maravilloso donde se construye educación y cultura en Ingles y Español. Los estudiantes y Maestros mantienen un agradable ambiente educativo con una política del cuidado y preservación de la Naturaleza.

Julio Diaz: (Translated by Google) Megusta the geography(Original)Megusta la geografia

4. Oyster-Adams Bilingual School - Washington

· 7 reviews

2801 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Oyster-Adams Bilingual School: what do users think?

Cinthya Alvarez: Oysters Adams Elementary school is great, I love it, my daughter is on firsts grate and she has learned so much. The teacher are fGreat and after care program is Olson, they helped the kids to do homework, I olso love the Communication is great.

Isabella Hallman: Such a good schoolGreat sport programsGreat peopleGreat sportsmanship

lana hailemariam: Most children graduate bilingual.

5. Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Adams Campus) - Washington

· 7 reviews

2020 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Adams Campus): what do users think?

Nevaeh Blaize: I want to go here

6. Sacred Heart School - Washington

· 16 reviews

1625 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC 20010

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Sacred Heart School: what do users think?

Brianna Perez: This is the best school there is NO FIGHTING LIKE OTHER PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!!!!Thank you!!

Gerald Mendizabal: Great place to send your kids, very open and caring. Very diverse. Great memories here.

Bostick-Delgado Family: Amazing principal and teachers. A perfect school for my son.

Betsy Pacheco: the best school and the best education for everybody!!!

7. Washington International School - Washington

· 24 reviews

3100 Macomb St NW, Washington, DC 20008

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Washington International School: what do users think?

graysmiles: I used to go to this school and it was a great experience the lunch is great the kids are so kind and the teachers and staff are really really caring. There is no such thing as detention and they have all these special events in the school year. The sports day is amazing and the P.E program is very good. Now in Paris I am doing everything I can so that I am up to level in my Spanish and can get back into the school when I come back to DC.

David Zamula: WIS has the best Art program in the world, Annette and Nancy have transformed art education at WIS. The graduates of the program have gone on to pursue fine art, graphics and design ventures.

Andre Gardiner: Best. School. Ever

delee 18: There is no better school.

Ana Diaz-Young: It is awesome

Yaquelin Jimenez Martinez: (Translated by Google) It is very large and beautiful also has a large court (Original) Es muy grande y bonitas además tiene una cancha grande

8. Powell Elementary School - Washington

· 15 reviews

1350 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011

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Powell Elementary School: what do users think?

Keyri Villatoro: I love this place because is my school

Marilyn S: This school is great

Judith Ortiz: This is my school

FERNANDO ROSARIO: (Translated by Google) Very good attention from the staff towards me (Original) Muy buena atención del personal hacía mi persona

none none: (Translated by Google) Endy(Original)Endy

9. British International School of Washington - Washington

· 7 reviews

2001 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

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British International School of Washington: what do users think?

BSW PA Treasurer: A super professional independent private school in the heart of DC serving Nursery to High School Students. What makes this school standout is its British high quality curriculum and diverse student population. Class sizes are small and the teaching first class.

Tuna Şeker: Its professional school for me. Education is super and beautiful classes in this school.

10. Marie Reed Elementary School - Washington

· 13 reviews

2201 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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Marie Reed Elementary School: what do users think?

Lyuba Rubio: Great school and improving every year - thanks to the current principal Ms Lundgren. So nice to have a decent alternative to dual language charter schools that are often impossible to get into in the neighborhood!

Jide Amosu: Neat park. Suitable for 7 v 7 soccer pick ups.

Jeana Richardson: I went there when I was small and graduated from there. I grew up around there my older children went there.

Maria Pizarro: (Translated by Google) Because my children studied there for two and a half years ... and they miss their school a lot (Original) Porque mis hijos estudiaron allí por dos años y medio....y extrañan mucho su escuelita

11. Early Steps Bilingual Preschool - Washington

· 8 reviews

3222 O St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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Early Steps Bilingual Preschool: what do users think?

Mercedes M: This unique row house was re-converted into a beautiful bilingual preschool, that is a little known secret in Georgetown! The pictures posted are from the previous owners who sold (without warning parents) out to the new company, Early Steps Bilingual Preschools. They have 3 other highly rated centers in NoVa. It took some serious reconstruction to create the optimum learning areas for young children and the company retained artist to transition this little gem. The older photos do not give justice to how beautiful the center is and how much TLC the new owners put into their new baby school! Take a look at the website for further information about curriculum and the education processes held there. This new school has a great future!

Rebecca S: I was skeptical based on reviews about the place but took a chance. The people and families are nice. The Director and Asst are lovely and very helpful. I like the structure for my little one and the teachers have told me they are enjoying it. I saw the posts and was skeptical at first, but I have been there for a month and we like it. Looking forward to the play area and the warm weather so the kids can go outside. I would recommend to others.

juan carlos cabrera: I have my baby there, they take babies as early as 6 weeks old and love being able to see her thru the web camera system they offer, I could see her all day in the room and outside when they are out at the patio they have. What I like the best is that they have a lot of staff available to take care of the kids.

12. Rochambeau French International School - Montgomery County

· 16 reviews

9600 Forest Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

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Rochambeau French International School: what do users think?

Johanna Koolemans-Beynen: A very welcoming school, with dedicated teachers, and a French curriculum.

Isabelle Jeannotte: Excellent teachers and curriculum

Rahel Tsige: This is the best school

MANUEL MARQUEZ: (Translated by Google) Excellent school to follow the European methodology and not only French. Very demanding with the students to demonstrate their work and quality, which contrasts with the USA system of "good job" with which I do not agree or identify. My two children have developed skills and knowledge unthinkable for their age. There are NO large sports facilities but a school is not a physical training field and if intellectual, values ​​and mental. In addition to the quality offered by the price, it is well below the elite private schools in the area. (Original) Excelente colegio para seguir la metodología europea y no sólo francesa. Muy exigente con los estudiantes para que demuestren su trabajo y calidad, lo cual se contrapone al sistema USA del "good job" con el que no estoy de acuerdo ni identificado. Mis dos hijos han desarrollado habilidades y conocimientos impensables para su edad. NO hay grandes instalaciones deportivas pero un colegio no es un campo de entrenamiento físico y si intelectual, valores y mental. Adicionalmente a la calidad que ofrece el precio está muy por debajo de los elitistas colegios privados del área.

Hugo Lagarde: (Translated by Google) Mr. Ismael <3(Original)Monsieur Ismael <3

13. Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School - Washington

· 11 reviews

220 Taylor St NE, Washington, DC 20017

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Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School: what do users think?

Kayla Jackson- Class of 2024: I am proud to have gone to this school, because it is a really wonderful place. I would never choose to go anywhere else.


Lucas Parham- Class of 2023: God, this school was the most amazing experience of my life

Chris Chambers: Very blessed to be a part of this community!

Mirefer: Good

14. German International School Washington D.C. - Potomac

· 17 reviews

8617 Chateau Dr, Potomac, MD 20854

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German International School Washington D.C.: what do users think?

Jan Eichstaedt: Best school ever!

tan tai Nguyen: very good

Robro: Fantastic 👍

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