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1. ALDI - Washington

· 1882 reviews

901 17th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

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ALDI: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): This Aldi is nice, sometimes you have to wait for a cart or, it gets very busy at around 5pm and on weekends, the staff/ service are okay not to bad.

Anthony Scott: The shopping experience was nice! The store was clean and easy to shop. They had everything that I was looking for. The prices were decent (on par with other stores in the area). The check out took a little long, but other than that, I will be back to shop again.

Matthew Fauske: Also is always great. That being said this location isn’t my favorite but it is the only in DC. I prefer the nearby VA locations with a bit cheaper prices but Aldi is always worth the trip for value. Bring your own bags and a quarter for the cart too!

Kev- keepingitreal: This ALDI store offers a verity of Wine, Food, Produce, Dairy Products and Home Goods at Affordable Price. Awesome Atmosphere with Friendly Staff.

Mike Snyder: One of my better Aldi experiences. I needed an Aldi that is convenient between the office and home. I discovered this location and was very impressed with the selection, stocked shelves, and cleanliness.

2. ALDI - John Adams



· 792 reviews

4602 Kenmore Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

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ALDI: what do users think?

Jeremy Raley: Typical Aldi, so just know what to expect: deposit for carts, bring bags, fewer choices of brand than typical. This one, however, is cleaner and brighter than most others. The generic brand food I bought from there was surprisingly good.

Mehran G (Mezza): This is hands down one of the best places to shop for groceries in terms of prices vs quality of goods. This store also has friendly staff which is a bonus.

306 Bayard: Excellent discount grocery store. Nice produce fast service.

Davendra Motie: Great place to shop food is always fresh because they sell out fast.

Ernesto Roubert: Great selections at great prices even with all the craziness that is happening with the supply chain and the idiots that are creating this fake"chaos" regarding so called shortness.

Andrew G: Great place to save money. Reasonable prices, good food. They do have organic options as well.Love it!

mian haroon Khurshid: Its an honor to mention here that I have a very old association with ALDI dating back to two decades. When I have enjoyed shopping in ALDI in Europe 🇪🇺. I am pleased to share that over the years they have followed the same principles for providing people with essential grocery items at affordable rates. They never compromise on quality of goods. And this is the secret behind Aldi,s popularity among the masses.

ByAsa Photography: Nice location, recently built. Good selection, friendly staff.

3. ALDI - Bailey"s Crossroads

· 507 reviews

5725 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

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ALDI: what do users think?

Robert Pelley: Aldi’s Online Order Pickup Review: 100% do recommend. It was such a sigh of relief when my day was coming to an end on Tuesday and all i had left to do was grocery shop and by that I mean picking up my groceries. It’s a beyond pleasant experience. I woke up, made breakfast and while relaxing on the couch post breakfast I made my online order. Throughout the day I got updates on the status of my order. The folks at this Aldi’s location are very helpful and kind. I will be conducting business here again !

F Ahmed: This is a great store! Unbeatable prices and service. Great parking lot, be careful when buying produce, sometimes it goes bad super fast

Chris Logsdon: Clean and good quality produce and meats. Went to get prime rib roast on sale for 6.99 lb

l i: Friendly staff, a large variety of items, and great prices. Thank you, Aldi!

4. ALDI - Takoma Park

· 1541 reviews

7609 New Hampshire Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912

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ALDI: what do users think?

Yeny Guerra Rivas: All FOOD for the Best prices.

OSCAR L G: Nice service market
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5. ALDI - Annandale

· 763 reviews

7006 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

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6. ALDI - Oxon Hill-Glassmanor

· 1173 reviews

6301 Livingston Rd Suite B, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

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ALDI: what do users think?

Henok Garedew (Henny breezy): Clean and good price! And bigger than any other ALDI I have been, They have very good staff. One thing I don’t like in all ALDI locations is the long line to pay for your groceries. They should have installed the self check out

TANAR W-S: Oh I love me some Aldi’s! The only issue you will run into is the long lines. Overall the store always appears to be fully stocked no matter the time of day and I’m able to get what I need plus some more.

Mr: This store has what you need. Thank for you all of the wonderful groceries and carrying all of the products everyone needs a lil less to extend the savings to your customers. Will be back

7. ALDI - Falls Church

· 287 reviews

155 Hillwood Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046

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ALDI: what do users think?

Mike Rugala: Chicken, pork butt was great looking and a nice price. New water flavors from La Croix - mango.

Rock U: Loved their new location at Hillwood as it is clean and well organized. They also have a section of special clearance items which were great buys. Loved the $3.99 Italian pizzas 15.5oz that they sold but did not realize that they don’t carry these all the time when I wanted to get more. So if you find something special, make sure you stock up on them. Great prices too for their taco ingredients. Don’t have to wait for a sale as their prices are low. Check their weekly specials online for even better deals.

Nizar Farsakh: Unbeatable prices and most are good quality products. You save at least 20%-30% compared to your regular supermarket

Kevin Campbell: Huge store. Bigger than what we have in Georgia. Felt familiar and comfortable. Very clean

muneerah fahad: This is the second Markat for family needs, they have yummy Philly cheesesteaks frozen, and best waffles ❤️

John M. Conroy: Good food great prices and the fastest cashiers I have ever seen.

8. ALDI - Jefferson Houston

· 944 reviews

425 E Monroe Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301

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ALDI: what do users think?

Sam ana: Best Aldi in the whole country!! Super clean, managed very well. All of the cashiers are very polite and efficient!! Claudetta especially is the best cashier ever!! I always look for her as I’m checking out - even some of my neighbors have commented on how they do the same since she’s really really good! Thank you!’ I stopped going to the snotty Trader Joe’s in old town and now shop primarily at this aldi! :)

Katie Goodchild: I can find most of my main groceries here. If you come in the evening though a lot of their stuff is out of stock so try to come earlier in the day. Great place with great deals. Much cheaper then a lot of other grocery stores.

Varun Gopinath: Quick return on a recent trip. Conveniently located. Great prices. Understocked though understandable given population density in the area.

jessica bertato: Want to give five stars but how frustrating to come in on a busy day and find 2 cashiers and packed shopping trolleys in lines around the store. Waiting 30-40 mins in line just seems unnecessary and it’s getting worse and worse. Hire more staff?

9. ALDI - Fairfax

· 1027 reviews

11001 Lee Hwy Suite G, Fairfax, VA 22030

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ALDI: what do users think?

Liz Paradise: Went on my late shopping trip to the fairfax location- so neat and organized and the staff is always so helpful and genuinely awesome. We had Hamam as the cashier today and he even played a fun game with us- guess how much our total will be! And he pulled a total rainman and guessed my $100+ total to the exact dollar! I was really impressed as were my kids! Thanks for the wonderful prices, great selection of non-gmo and organic products and fun staff you have at Aldi’s. A new Aldi obsessed shopper!!

Peyman TalebiFard: A favorite shopping place for me. Good quality and reasonable price. However, it cannot be the only one as some items cannot be found here.

Jenni Mosby: I am looking for ginger beer but I can’t find even go around around the shop, just saw Tikki and asked her , she showed me where to find and took this for me Nice and kind lady Will be back soon Made my day

Tala Eastern: Love this Location. Clean and well stocked.. Nice group of people working. New carts too, love the concept of 25cents for getting a cart so we return it. Wish other stores do the same. Thanks Aldi. Great prices too, great sales. Prices are getting supper high. Please have mercy.

Dora Fernandez: Very convenient prices, l love going to buy groceries.

Rashmi Khatuja: A decent sized Aldi with well stocked aisles. The staff is really amazing. Just sometimes I did face an issue of a cashier literally throwing my products in the cart while checking out. My go to store so I love it.

10. ALDI - District Heights

· 1465 reviews

6301 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD 20747

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ALDI: what do users think?

Kev- keepingitreal: This store offers a variety of food at a affordable price! Staff was friendly and helpful.!!!

Cheree Hoyle: Its clean and organized.. just always have one cashier until the line is do the aisle...

Mr Edwards tv: Store is always clean and organized 👌 with different selections of food and merchandise

Juliette Smith: I love Aldi....prices are unbelievably great, there is always something new and interesting...and almost always delicious. The produce is fresh and way cheaper than other grocery stores The only reason I give 4 stars is because there are always long lines at checkout. They need to recognize an employ more cashiers

11. ALDI - Patrick Henry

· 1155 reviews

4580 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22304

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ALDI: what do users think?

Donald Winslow: This is the cleanest and best stocked Aldi. It has everything they advertise. The produce is fresh. The workers are proud of their store and it shows! Love this place!

Nicolaus Craig: This is a pretty good Aldi with lots of parking next to a vehicle service center. There is a Harris-Teeter across the street a block down to supplement items that are out of stock.

Carolyn Davis: Always love ALDIS!! Staff is always friendly and helpful!! Well kept isles, nice larger parking lot just added. Awesome EVERYTHING!!

CiCi Chindamo: One of the cleanest Aldi’s I’ve ever been too and the prices are great!

shrewst: Great choices and value with occasional surprises that keeps you coming back for more.Euro vibe with American values to please all during this high inflation times.

Linda Buchholz: Nice selection of organic food items. Aldi brands have proven to be a good choice for me.

Rebecca Lynn: Today, I was at this ALDI. The line was insanely long (as can be expected with limited staff and just before dinner time on a weekday). A customer became quite upset and was extremely rude to the staff and the manager. The staff and the manager on duty were respectful, calm and worked hard to diffuse the situation while still helping people in line get in and out. I’d say that they got 20 customers checked out in a matter of 5 minutes.. tops. Thank you for your hard work during a pandemic and keeping your cool. I was super impressed and wished I’d asked for their names to sing their praises.

Shakil al Mamun: I love this store for milk,eggs and grapes. Its always on sale

12. ALDI - Franconia

· 250 reviews

6001 Kingstowne Village Pkwy, Alexandria, VA 22315

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ALDI: what do users think?

David Ackley: Berries, grapes, pineapple and avocado prices are really worth the stop; plus other reasonably priced items...considering grocery costs are beginning to spike. Like Heavy Cream which was under $2 a quart, now its over $3 a quart. God Bless our farmers, shippers, truckers and grocery clerks.

Keva Lloyd: This Aldi is big and I love the set up when entering the building. I visited this location specifically for a bag of Barrissimo Toasted Coconut coffee and they did not have it. Hopefully they will carry it in the future.

eva webb: I had only shopped twice at Aldi since 2000. I am so glad I was reintroduced to it. Cashier super friendly, cost n quality food amazingThank you

John Kupik: What can you say but good things about Aldi... one of their larger stores with a good selection of products I just wish that the landlord would get a better contractor for snow removal from the parking lot and the entrance to the store

13. ALDI - Merrifield

· 591 reviews

8100A Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042

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ALDI: what do users think?

Neil Meade: Bring your bags! I have forgotten, and bared the burden of lugging groceries individually from my car to my home. Cheap prices, great parking, friendly staff. Definitely could be a home to many grocers. The cheap prices may take away from the selection, so if youre looking for something uber fancy or for niche ingredients, perhaps try elsewhere.

Jeannette Dishong: I feel like I save alot of money shopping here. They have a good selection of organic groceries too. 😊It looks like they are paying their workers more.👍

Jessica Stewart: We find that they have inexpensive but very good produce, the cheapest good quality baby wipes, and excellent gluten free pasta and brownie mixes. Only items that we have not thought was good was their can fruit. We also love their produce but you do need to check as some times it can be older.

Rasha Sharif: Clean and fast , it is AlDI!They were out of basic fruits and veggies!otherwise it is a good ALDI to shop at

14. ALDI - North Bethesda

· 772 reviews

1501 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

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ALDI: what do users think?

Silver Joy: You need a quarter that you get back for a cart, but the items are reliable, good quality, an amazing price. The staff are efficient. This place has saved me a lot of money and showed me good food. I love it

Osvaldo Burgos García: This supermarket has the cheapest prices in the zone. However, it lacks variety. Nevertheless, for those prices it definitely worth the visit.

Red Neck: Well first time I was at Aldi’s it looks like a pretty nice place it has all ice cream is pretty cheap little oranges are pretty decent in price just got a shop like you’re saving money and do what you gotta do

Lauri Pesantez Pacheco: Good location. Usually fully stocked. Not a lot of vegan options in the frozen section. Fast checkout

Emily M: Spacious, clean, well stocked, good variety, clearly labeled, and friendly staff. Would visit again.

15. ALDI - Silver Spring

· 827 reviews

9440 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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ALDI: what do users think?

Daniel Lopes: Clean and well organized. A similar shopping experience to the European market. However, the lack of organic products is notorious, mainly in fruits and vegetables. Most of the clothing, brick, and mortar, and other offers are missing in Aldi US.

F.T. Lauder: Well run location. Good manager, good staff, well stocked, good prices. Not perfect but one of my favorite markets.

Rohit Pant: Things get over realky quick. Mornings or Noon kinda time is best to buy groceries. Hate the coin system for taking carts but appreciate it because people return carts to original place.

Lois S.: FRESH food, poultry, breads, fruits, foods are so will preserved. The store is clean. The manager is kind and and knowledgeable, helpful. This is my favorite place to shop not Goants not Safeway ever again!

16. ALDI - Clinton

· 354 reviews

8827 Woodyard Rd, Clinton, MD 20735

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ALDI: what do users think?

Sterling Marshall Jr: Good prices and they sell some items not found in traditional grocery stores. Best price on coconut water in this area!

LD Payne: One of my favorite places for great deals on groceries. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Brenda Carter: Nice and clean. I love the breads and muffins. Isles are wide not cluttered.

Tim Xman: Love coming to this store. Best prices for Fresh and healthy produce. This is my new favorite place to shop

Erik: Lots of great selection and love their specials...down side...rarely seen more then 2 registers opened and no self check out lanes.

Shawntise Yes I Said It Redfearn: Only 2 registers open on a Saturday afternoon... they have to plan better

Janelle Duckett: It was nice. It is clean and very well lit. You have to pay $.25 for the baskets though. I did not know, but it is okay. Staff was nice.

17. ALDI - Camp Springs

· 951 reviews

6400 Allentown Rd, Camp Springs, MD 20748

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ALDI: what do users think?

Felipe Umana: I shopping my food in here all the time so far is good they have all the stuff I looking for, they well organized and well cleaned too, the cashiers are nice👍

Vanessa Lyde: The food is always fresh. However, not enough cashiers to keep shoppers happy.

Dré C.: Very simple, easy shopping. The prices are pretty low compared to other stores. Very hard to beat that.

D M: Manager was very knowledgeable about products and helpful in helping me select a substitute. Only wish they had more products.

Lisa Wilson: Really good pricing, my go to place for à quick in/out shopping an always clean

18. ALDI - North Bethesda

· 20 reviews

5110 Nicholson Ln, Kensington, MD 20895

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ALDI: what do users think?

Vijay Chandrashekar: Great addition to community. Very well stocked. Typical Aldi expectations fulfilled. New store. Friendly and efficient staff. Best prices.

19. ALDI - Bowie

· 502 reviews

6810 Race Track Rd, Bowie, MD 20715

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ALDI: what do users think?

James Jenkins: My wife and I love this store! The team at self checkout are prompt and extremely nice. Best store in the neighborhood

Cheryl Grant: Good shopping day. Most of the shelves and the meat counters were full or good amount of stock.

David Allen: Great grocery shopping for reasonable prices...fruits are typically a bit less than major chains. Good organic section. No free cart - .25 refundable but worth it for less product costs.

john lee: With rising prices, there really is no other place to shop to make the dollar go further.

D Ll: Nice store but always out of things. I went in today and needed lunch meat but the shelves were picked over. Prices are low on most things and comparable on the name brand items. All in all a nice place to shop inexpensively. You might still need to hit another store but all in all a decent one stop shop.

20. ALDI - Hyattsville

· 1572 reviews

3025 Hamilton St, Hyattsville, MD 20782

Address Website WhatsApp
ALDI: what do users think?

TJ: I used to come here a lot with my aunt and she always bought me soemthing from the store I like how they have a variety of different types of food to buy from and the staff here are alwags so nice and helpful and always trying to find a way in which they can help you overall it is a very great grocery store and I totally recommend it for everyone 😃👍

Jerome Grossley: Store was clean, employees were very busy putting out new products as well as they were very pleasant.

Bill Thomas: High quality inexpensive food and groceries. Always new things! Friendly staff. Good parking lot. Easy access.

Aiah Allia: Fresh food, reasonable prices very good 😋

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