Best Adventure Sports Venues In Washington Near Me

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1. Nationals Park - Washington

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Nationals Park
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Address: 1500 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Telephone: (202) 675-6287

Business type: Stadium

Nationals Park: what do users think?

Kyle D: Beautiful ballpark. Wide open concourses and plenty of good choices (very pricey though but that’s expected at at a ballpark no matter where you go.) Convenient location close to the Metrorail station. Coming from Boston, this ballpark doesn’t compare to the charm, history, and character of Fenway Park but it is nonetheless a great place to watch a game and it seemed like no matter where you sit, you have a great view.

M. Scott Zimmerman: Great view from almost all seats although smallish for 6ft 1 and 230lbs. Food adequate but pricey and varies in quality between vendors. Love the concourse round the main level and the diamond club is nice.

Cindy Luetkemeier: Great Game! We love the Nats even though they lost today, they put up a good fight!! Pizza was good & the beers were cold!

Christian Matlock: First time at this ball park. I didn’t have a ticket and didn’t know where to get one from. There was a helpful young lady at the front that walked me all the way around the stadium to help me get a ticket. Once I was in, someone greeted me from guest services and gave me a first time certificate and welcome pack. Such a great experience.

Juanita Barnes: I was there for Enchant, a winter display of lights. It also happened to be bring your dog night. Lots of people, cute and sweet, friendly dogs, hot coca, and vendors. Personally, it was nice and worth it, but a one and done kind of event for me.

Henry Garcia: Love the Stadium. And I love the atmosphere there! The people are so nice and the fans are very friendly.

2. Capital One Arena - Washington

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Capital One Arena
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Address: 601 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

Telephone: (202) 628-3200

Business type: Arena

Capital One Arena: what do users think?

Beast Mode: Good game.. Nice atmosphere.. Concessions are overpriced. Eat before you go.. Save your funds. I sat in section 108, great seats. I sat very close could really see the players and was in the moment. Enjoy!

Bill Schmidt: We had great seats for a Caps game. Fantastic environment and crowd. Biggest negative is cost of good and drink. Way too high

T. Gafford: Wizards vs Spurs. Well designed arena. Professional staff & concessionaire personnel. The seats could be a little more comfortable.

Rebecca s: Awesome concert venue! Seems like no matter where you sit it feels close. Acoustics weren’t too bad either. Can’t wait to go to another concert here!

Ed Arnold: Capital area is a fun place to see the Capitals NHL team, Wizzards NBA Mistics WNBA and concerts. They have a sports book there, call for reservations for a table. If you have Clear for entry to airports they also use it here.

Jonathan Walton: This is a great arena. The bathrooms are clean and the food options are decent. I would not recommend the custard ice cream, because it has too much stabilizer. The Capitals have awesome fans.

3. Entertainment & Sports Arena - Washington

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Entertainment & Sports Arena
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Address: 1100 Oak Dr SE, Washington, DC 20032

Telephone: (202) 249-3283

Business type: Sports complex

Entertainment & Sports Arena: what do users think?

Summer M: Great atmosphere, but wish the food options were better and the arena was slightly bigger. The comcast center was too big for them but I feel this arena is too small for them. It leaves no opportunity for the franchise to grow in the amount of people that come to games. They could definitely be selling more tickets especially with the sold out games.

Robert Rains: Visited here for an AEW wrestling television show in January. It’s a beautiful facility that does not feel too daunting. The restrooms were clean and there were plenty of exits in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, this complex exists pretty far from downtown DC, so if you’re leaving an event ending late in the evening have a plan for getting home.

Jeff Lucarelli: Such a great venue to see AEW!!

Bethelehem Yirga: I’ve gone to the Arena twice now - once for the Mystics Championship Game and for the Global Mixed Gender Basketball. Both games were great experiences - and packed. The feel of the DC community is strong at the arena, and I love the serving of Hennessy at the bars. The arena gives you the feel of home in a polished, professional space. Excited to attend more events at this space.

Mrs. O'Neal: Ok! Can we say AWESOME! From the shuttle ride to the concessions everything was on point! Seats are cool, section 200 is on a major incline I don’t recommend this to folks with babies! But not a bad seat in the house! Can’t wait to go back for another event! My recommendation if you do use the shuttle leave a tad early free your event so you don’t have to wait long for a ride back to the car!

dionne davis: Awesomeness! Mystic Ladies represented

4. Charles E. Smith Center - Washington

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Charles E. Smith Center
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Address: 600 22nd St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Telephone: (202) 994-6650

Business type: Sports complex

Charles E. Smith Center: what do users think?

Steven Zimmerman: a wonderful day for GW’s MPH graduation

gregory shankman: Old, uncomfortable seats, hard to get up and down stairs. Not clean.

Rich Lanthier: I work at GW so walk by the Smith Center all the time. In addition to GW basketball this 5000 seat arena hosts graduation celebrations, speakers, concerts, and other events. Nice facility right on the GW campus near Foggy Bottom metro station.

Bernie Seinberg: Great place for a college graduation.Excellent visibility.

Dante Jones: Nice venue I enjoyed the Championship game here

Herman Quay: Saw a tennis match there. Nice small venue on George Washington campus.

ronald downs: Loved it great basketball experience.

Eric Wagner: Great small venue (5,000 people) college basketball

5. DC Armory - Washington

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DC Armory
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Address: 2001 E Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Telephone: (202) 608-1100

Business type: Arena

DC Armory: what do users think?

Alyson Cunningham: Horrible venue for a concert. Such a shame, since the act was wonderful. Waited in line for a drink for 40+ mins, only to be turned away because they were out of alcohol. Meanwhile, I was waiting for a bottle of water. Security staff was extremely mean. No true air conditioning or ventilation, so we were all dripping and dehydrated, but not able to get water. We left before the main act ended because we just couldn’t take it anymore. Staff in the tech area had CASES of water, and when we asked for one because the line for the bar was from the back of the venue to the stage, he laughed and said no. Don’t waste your money.

Vlad Ursus: Terrible venue. AC is barely keeping up when there is literally no one here. Only tow restrooms per men/women?l, no inclusive restrooms. One bar with a line goes across the entire venue to the stage. I was sober by the time I got another drink. And bartender shamed me into tipping them directly on cash app. That has to be at least some kind of IRS violation. Terrible experience. Never book anything here. Overpriced and disgusting.

David Park: Absolute worst venue for a concert. It was extremely hot and muggy with no ventilation. The bathrooms are not equipped to handle a thousand + people crowd and the concession stand sold out of alcohol halfway through the main act.

Michael Camacho: The venue didn’t allow us to bring in water while making water very difficult to get. We didn’t get any. Watched multiple people pass out due to heat and lack of water access. Venue should be avoided in general. Not a safe place to attend a show, especially given the amount of people attending.

Mitchel Vongbandith: Big venue but nothing particularly nice about it. Alc sales shut down about 40 min before the end, it gets super humid and bathroom lines are super long

Ellen Longton: Fun ! The staff were outstanding. We went to a concert there and it was just absolutely a joy after all the pandemic stuff that’s been going on. They didn’t allow the place to get packed. The show was great we had a great time!

Natasha Black: The venue is nice and we went for the 29rooms event. I was a little disappointed that be then you had two major functions going on at the same time. Whatever was on the other side completely interrupted the art show.

Unknown Noname: 12/18/21 went with a few friends to see Playboi Carti….worst concert experience ever. Security did not pass out water at all!!!!! and i almost passed out and had to be dragged out from the front of the crowd. The preparation for this concert was very poor. There was no type of crowd control. Thanks to the security guard that saved my life but seriously??? You would think after the Astroworld tragedy that more safety precautions would be put in place but like seriously I am terrified of going to a concert at this venue again.

6. Rock Creek Tennis Stadium - Washington

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Rock Creek Tennis Stadium
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Address: 16th St NW & Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011

Telephone: (202) 732-5949

Business type: Stadium

Rock Creek Tennis Stadium: what do users think?

Alexandra Ritchie: Was able to park on or near 14th St and walk a few blocks. Very clean space, friendly staff, well organized. Good views even in the cheaper seats!

Emilie K: Came for Citi Open finals with the hopes to see Nadal. Unfortunately he didn’t make it to the end of the tournament but it finals were great! Great stadium! If any out of towners are watching a game over the summer, don’t forget sunscreen and a hat!

Sheng L: We saw the men’s semis (Nishikori vs M. McDonald) and women’s final (Gauf vs Pegula) matches last night. There is is so little information anywhere about what to expect so I had to scour through reviews from Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. from years past. Make sure to sign up for the Citi Open emails as it’ll tell you when gates open for your sessions and provide an estimated schedule on the day of your tickets. Go to Twitter for real time updates. Our tickets said 7 pm but the men’s match that evening actually started around 6:30 pm. We were lucky enough to get a parking space at a restaurant a block away that didn’t have a time limit/zone restrictions, etc. Beware that parking for all the nearby neighborhoods becomes restricted so you need a special permit to park. Parking Lot B, which is the lot that’s on the grounds is all grass, in case it’s raining on the day of your session. Getting through the ticket line and security was quick and easy. The bag checks were merely a formality and they don’t dig around in your bag at all. Your tickets say they must be printed but I saw plenty of people getting in with the one on their phones. If you have a Citi credit card, bring it with you. You get 10% off for all purchases using your Citi card, as well as access to the Citi lounge, which is air conditioned and has TVs showing the matches. Make sure you have your Citi card out as they’ll ask for it. Only one person in your group needs to show their Citi card. You’ll be given a blue wristband so you can re-enter as you please. Freebies in the Citi lounge are: radio earbud so you can listen to commentaries about the matches, all snacks, water, soda and Gatorade. The only thing you have to pay for in the Citi lounge is alcohol but you automatically get 10% off even if you don’t use a Citi card. There were two other large, covered tents that sold a little bit of food and alcohol. Lines can get long. My boyfriend paid $13 for a 24oz can of Miller Lite. On the opposite end (think it was called the Market Square) is a cafeteria where you can just grab food and pay. I got an Impossible burger, chicken sandwich and bottle of water for $40. My burger was cold and gross but my bf said his chicken sandwich was ok. Other food options in the cafeteria were pizzas, onion rings, chicken fingers/waffle fries combo and hotdogs. Also, there was an attendant in the ladies bathroom who took tips (European style). She wasn’t handing you soap, perfume, feminine products but she was keeping the bathroom clean. The women’s line was very long so just make sure to go during a match. No attendant in the men’s bathroom though. As for the actual matches, there really isn’t a bad seat. We could only get tickets for the very last row of the nosebleed seats and even those weren’t bad. Figuring out your row was a bit tricky as the rows lettering wasn’t very clear. We were in Section 10 and halfway through the men’s match when two new ticket holders showed up, the guys below us figured out they weren’t even in the right section. I will have to say it takes awhile to focus on the match as we could hear all the noises outside of the court but maybe that’s because we were up so high. Also, there was a doubles match going on in the other court and we could hear everything the announcer said. Most of the seats on the second level were bleachers but the section behind the camera man were fold up chairs and so we’re all the seats on the first level, box seats. Some people brought cushions and even though we were on the bleachers, we didn’t think cushions were necessary. The staff was very nice and it was very quick and easy to get to our seats. All in all, a decent experience.

Jonás Porcar Ferrer: Cozy stadium. Great to enjoy tennis at the Citi open, very close to the action. The lavatories need an urgent renovation

Tejas Dave: It was a life time opportunity to see Rafa Nadal at CitiOpen 2021.

Dean Pugh: This has been a great venue for hosting the Citi Open in prior years, but it needs some maintenance. Also, there is a need for more space for additional vendors and seating in the kiosk/food service areas.

Eric Diaz: Great tennis venue. Bathrooms were not clean and very old but the rest of grounds were nice.

7. Greene Stadium - Washington

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Greene Stadium
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Address: 6th and, Girard St NW, Washington, DC 20059

Telephone: (202) 806-7141

Business type: Stadium

Greene Stadium: what do users think?

Eb G: Seating is very close to field. Food selections were great. They accepted cash and card. Entry process was fast. Required mask for Entry even though field is outdoors, just for patrons to remove upon entering. Went for Howard Homecoming game.

RaymondGW: The best little stadium around.

Lisa Whatley: One of our premier HBCUs Howard U! Home of the Bison! Prepare & give yourself time for parking! Warm , cozy & full of energy!

Brian Bradley: Love the new additions & upgrades!

Shannon Morris: Green stadium is always beloved, but having said that it is really time for them to build out. It is too small for the size of the university and especially for a D1 NCAA Athletic program! Homecoming is the worst, they always sell about double the amount of seats they have. Nevertheless the games and the band are always, always a good time and as long as you find a seat you will have a blast

Cheryl Crump: Had a great time at Howard University HOME COMING Game first time ever

spellman1224: The bleachers were open and a lot of people were loosing their personal items through those openings. They should update the stadium positive thing, you are very close to the action on the field.

Michael Atherton: Catch a Bison game and great marching bands in Downtown DC.

Festus Cameron: HU...You Know! Howard University, an HBCU and fine institution of Higher Learning. Had a great weekend and saw a fine football game. Oh yeah, also my Alma Mater! Could you tell? Lol

8. Audi Field - Washington

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Audi Field
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Address: 100 Potomac Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

Business type: Stadium

Audi Field: what do users think?

Carol Castle: Attended the DC United and Nashville game at field on a super hot Saturday yet enjoyed the venue and all the amenities so much the heat was secondary! What a wonderful stadium and the vision of the team owner Jason Levine is about creating community around passion. Highly recommend if you are near DC that you take time to catch a match!

Khurram Sheharyar: Amazing stadium. The staff were really helpful and respectful. Had no problem in checking in with my eTicket. The process was smooth and I enjoyed every moment of the soccer match. Highly recommended!

Sharee Brooks: Beautiful well kept field. Nice space with comfortable cushioned seats and clean bathrooms. Excellent venue for an outdoor graduation and of course sports events. Not far from metro and parking available.

Paul Welch: A proper soccer stadium. Also my team won. Concessions are a bit thin if that’s important to you. Beers are $14 but they’re the giant ones you get at events these days. Would go back.

Tiffany Belcher: We had a fun night at the ballpark. Seating is super close/tight but I guess that’s to be expected. The ballpark was pretty clean and well maintained. The bathrooms were not too bad either for public. The kids area is fun and monitored pretty well for occupancy and safety. The food/drinks are expensive but you can currently bring some things (lots of regs online). We brought in one large water for each of us and made sure it was still sealed. Seats in 300 and 400s should not be bought if you have any fear of heights…pretty intense up there! We’ve attended 2x they’ve had fireworks after and once they cancelled because of a rain delay that pushed them beyond city noise ordnance. Just FYI. The fireworks are best viewed from the 3rd base side! They utilize an app to help with ordering food but it isn’t super dependable and not all vendors use it.

Tenny Kristiana: I feel like the toilet wasn’t that bad and the food stand also good, get yourself nacos or giant pretzel before the game. The security check also fine, wasn’t complicated.

Jonathan Isett: The intimate on the field feeling from every seat speaks volumes about this field. Across the street from Nats Park. Plenty of choices for fools including wood-fired pizza. Parking can be challenging so either pre-book or have a plan. There’s a base right next to the stadium so if you have a CAC or military ID I recommend parking there. Games are lively and the fan section keeps a nonstop beat to keep the crowd entertained. Fun for all the soccer fans!

antonio allen: Clean, modern and full of great food for everyone to try. Masks are optional. Staff is friendly and the whole atmosphere is exhilarating to be in. Have fun

9. RFK Stadium - Washington

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RFK Stadium
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Address: 2400 East Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20003

Telephone: (202) 249-3000

Business type: Stadium

RFK Stadium: what do users think?

James Stewart Jr: Well, it has a big parking lot...

Shyamili R. Sharma: Went there for Jurassic Quest drive event. It was a good experience. But the lane merge was horrible, especially when people are not willing to be patient.

BcOneSeven: It isn’t much to look at anymore, but thanks for the use of the parking lot!

J Awono: We loved DC United and coming to watch them play at RFK! Parking is easy in the many lots and the stadium has bathrooms, kiosks for food and drink and even some perches available to watch the action. Vamos United!

Sherrena Greig: Lines were long but moved quickly Methodman & Redman ROCKED the show!

kellie sewell: As a Washingtonian, I am proud to see how RFK has been transformed and continues to be a staple in the community for various activities. With Covid 19, it has been used for several safe activities that I have enjoyed with my family during this difficult time.

月ング子ング: I came on a rainy day so everything was wet (seats and even the bathroom area), and I felt the stadium was fairly run down. But overall, it was maintained well. I see why they will be relocating in the future though.

Briana Kornegay: Cool place. Looks really run down. The parking lots are where the events happen. Not bad at all. Convenient location!

Mike Wilson: Needs to be back in DC it takes an hour just to get to the game trying to park & the stadium needs major upgrades there is nowhere to dine in that area Just bring the team back to DC

10. Walter E. Washington Convention Center - Washington

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Walter E. Washington Convention Center
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Address: 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: (202) 249-3000

Business type: Convention center

Walter E. Washington Convention Center: what do users think?

Joshua Russell: First time to the convention center for Awesome Con 2022. Huge place with many halls and areas to meet. Multiple locations for bathrooms and some food selections as well. The staff was very helpful and super friendly. Awesome con was in fact awesome! Lost of cosplay, huge areas for original art, and many vendors for comics, cards, games, and so much more. First time coming to one of these and was very happy to be able to go. Next time will plan a bit better and spend more time and checking out the table top gaming areas as well.

Ivysfoodcorner: We visited the Walter E Convention Center for Washington DC Auto Show 2022 Event. This place is super convenient, right next to Metro station and surrounded by all locals restaurants. The facility was maintained very professionally, the security was organized and the restroom also very clean and super shiny! The Washington DC Auto Show 2022 is a must to visit! It’s an eye opener event especially if you’re planning to buy your future cars. We had a blast visiting this year, with all the pandemic precautions, all were organized professionally and you can definitely social distancing without problems. We’re spoiled and entertained by the numbers of cars on the show, all come with new technology and amazing design, especially the electric cars and the muscles cars. Not forget to mention about the electric buses! Check on the exotic cars section and the oldies cars just to be mesmerized! Don’t forget to check on the event while they’re still around!

Anthony Heady: Awesome Con - Always Awesome and Always amazing, everyone dressed up looks spectacular, there something for everyone, game halls to play, tons of art stuff for the kids. I can rant and rave for hours but you just need to go for atleast a day and see the fun for yourself.

James Walker: Walked right up to Pagani Huayra, the $2,500,000+ Italian carbon fiber sports car, wow factor.The red Chevrolet Corvette Z06, caught my eye at about $90,000. The pretty blue 2022 Camaro LT1 Convertible starting at $41,145 was also an eye opener.

Janice L: Huge convention with tons of food places around. Came here for Awesome Con and it was a really fun and clean location for a con. It has a good amount of chairs located all around the convention for sitting!

Williams world: AwesomeCon2022 was amazing great cosplays, friendly people good merchandise and tasty food.

Lambert Matias: Attended AUSA Annual Conference . No complaints all around, but for the amount of people this place can hold, there should be more seating outside the halls and accommodations for physically impaired folks. Also, I want to give a very positive shout-out to the staff who delivered my dropped vaccination card to the lost and found office. Thank you!

Meet Miss Sallyy: Visited so many times for different meetings and conventions… last one AwsomeCon. Fun.

Midknight Mechanics: Very nice facility for the autoshow. This was my first time to the DC Convention Center.

11. The Wharf DC - Washington

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The Wharf DC
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Address: 760 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 688-3590

Business type: Event venue

The Wharf DC: what do users think?

Rob Outdoors: Beautiful waterfront! We were supposed to stay at the wharf, but opted out to stay at an airbnb because of the pup. Was there for the Brian Culbertson jazz concert (Huge Fan)! One recommendation, please go to the fish market to get some king crab legs, and clam chowder soup! Expensive, but worth it! Get your own butter! Cordial at the wharf is a good spot as well! If you are into wine, beer, whiskey, check it out! Highly recommend!

anuradha menon: A fun place to hang out. A very fancy boardwalk. Has a variety of restaurants with a lot of food and drink options. Lots of seating to take in the breathtaking views. The recreation pier has some lovely swings and a camp fire thing at the end of the pier which is beautiful.

Arnold Flores: The Wharf DC Nuff Said. Hip, funky, wild, sexy, romantic, vibrant, cool Families, Singles, Couples, Prom Night, Date Night - fun, fun, fun. Great place to take a stroll, take in the sights, people watch, enjoy a drink at any local bar, smoke a cigar, grab a relaxed casual bite or more upscale dress to impress, something for everyone. Get there in late afternoon and enjoy the sunset dinning outside or inside. Take a stroll after drinks, with a cigar, or after dinner and enjoy scenery. Fun!

Aimee Lim: This is a place not to missed when in DC. Awesome views and great food places. Parking is a bit of a problem. But we enjoyed walking around and finding some place to it. We also end up buying cooked crabs and shrimp.

Jason Whittle: This is a newly developed and very popular area. Really busy during the weekend but plenty of space at other times. Trendy bars and restaurants but not overly expensive. Incredible fish market on the near side, attractive views over the river.Very picturesque at night with an impressive lighting display.

12. Georgetown Waterfront Park - Washington

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Georgetown Waterfront Park
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Address: 3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 895-6000

Business type: National park

Georgetown Waterfront Park: what do users think?

eriko p: An incredibly beautiful area to see the Potomac as well as strolling and people watching. We arrived quite early and all the waterfront restaurants were not open yet. There is a Starbucks nearby. However we were able to witness the rowers practicing this morning which was a plus! I would love to live here! The airplanes flying out of Ronald Reagan Airport can be seen and heard so that might need getting used to if I lived here! This is a 10 acre grassy park along the water. If one needs a sense of calmness and peace, come here! From the waterfront, it is easy to take one of the side streets up to M street where many of the shops and restaurants are located. We were fortunate to take a street which crosses the C & O canal!

Da-Wang Wu: Probably because it’s a cloudy day in the end of the fall, the park didn’t look as beautiful as I initially expected. However, I would love to come back in better weather and see if it’s more lively and beautiful. Since it’s very close to the canal, visitors can also plan for a walk along the canal, which is a very interesting and tranquil walk.

Kids Industry Prep LLC: This was the most beautiful place to visit! We made sure we got there very early! 8am. Street parking was abundant. I decided to take photos with my little model and she enjoyed the sites just as much as everyone else did that is until she had to go to the bathroom! 🤣 Luckily mom had a portable potty 🚽. We finished up with a few snapshots of her riding her bicycle with natural flowers she picked along the way. Take a look at some of the photos we took!

Wadud Safa: The best waterfront park in the DMV area. It’s always beautiful in all seasons. It’s a great place to walk with your family and friends. If you are new in town you definitely want to visit this place.

Manny G.C.: The Georgetown Waterfront Park is a national park completed in Washington, DC in the fall of 2011. Part of the Georgetown Historic District, the park stretches along the banks of the Potomac River from 31st Street, NW to the Key Bridge.

Tarang Srivastava: Very beautiful area especially in the evenings. Lots of restaurants with outdoor seating and plenty of parking nearby. The Halloween exhibits on display right now are very nice!

Tan Sav: Part of this park use to be a parking lot years ago. Definitely a nice place to walk, bike and people watch when the weather is good.

Jeovany Espino: This view of Georgetown was immaculate at night. We walked around to get this view. Well worth it

13. Six Flags America - Woodmore

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13084 reviews
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Six Flags America
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Address: 13710 Central Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Telephone: (301) 249-1500

Business type: Theme park

Six Flags America: what do users think?

Joshua Russell: We started coming here in the Fall of 2021 and decided to purchase season pass, they are very affordable. We have come a few times and I have been really impressed. They have different themes through the year which is nice to see how they decorate and celebrate. We have been to Halloween, Christmas and just went to the Fiesta theme. The wait times were really fast or nonexistent for all the rides. They had water sprinklers going which was good because it was so hot! Our family enjoyed all the rides throughout the day. There is always a staff member nearby ready to help which was really great to see and we saw a lot of people cleaning the park throughout the day. I do wish there was more mobile food ordering available though, when we were looking only one location was offering mobile orders, so hopefully that will grow. Overall great park for the family!

Tim Bergstrom: Great place to take kids in DC for a break from museums and tours. I enjoy museums and tours quite a bit, but let’s be honest, for kids, they can be little bit like a church service. Six Flags gave my kids and me a break from the usual and gave them a chance to blow off steam. Our favorite rides were Superman, Bat Wing, Joker’s Jinx and the Firebird. Have fun.

Rittik Bhowmik: Great experience. Strong suggestion is to get the tickets online before visiting, there is almost always a long queue for tickets. Most of the rides were usually not that busy, so everyone can finish all the rides at-least ones, and can even go for seconds if interested.

Jeremiah Gore: Needs another solid coaster as Superman Ride of Steel is great but where is the number 2 coaster? Some good rides throughout the park including a fun coaster built in 1917...The Wild One. By far this Six Flags has the friendliest staff of any Six Flags park... including multiple manager level employees we met while walking around the park.

pam wright: Rides were barley open, lazy river, the pool with the purple slide, the purple & green slide, renegade rapids, penguin blizzard, shipwreck falls, & more ALL we’re NOT OPEN! I don’t understand why these rides are not open. You pay your money to come here, but it’s not worth it because more than half of there rides are not operating. What a shame Not to mention I have diamond elite membership, I pay 20$ extra per month for what idk? Need to cancel that! Update 6/28/2022 im going to change my rating from 1 star ⭐️ to four stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ I came back here again to give them another chance. Can you believe it after maybe 1-2 years the finally opened the lazy river.. Wow renegade rapids, penguin blizzard, shipwreck falls, was opened today. It’s good to arrive early get a good spot, we ordered food it was ready and condiments was available. 🤩 However, the staff there are really young and the don’t know how to talk to people & families. They all act like they don’t want to work.

Terri Young: If you want to be able to ride the rides without a long wait go early during the week.. We were able to ride the rides several time without a long wait park is not that crowded when u go early it was a nice experience 😉. By the time we were ready to go the park was getting a bit crowded....

Shah Md Mayen Uddin Chistee: This a great family fun place. There are so many rides that you will never get bored. I enjoyed most of the rides I took. You can take your kids there and they will love it. I recommend buying online entry ticket and parking pass. This will save some time for you.

tammy mcilhaney: Wait ?? There are rides here ?? Could’ve fooled me!! Everything is closed! Workers cranky! Burger was a joke! Shops closed “register” issue. Maybe 1/4 of the food stands open. Maybe 1/2 the rides open. Got stuck on the Superman! The one operator for a ride abandoned her post because of a spider!

Christopher Lew: tl;dr: Relatively inexpensive tickets for a pretty fun time, although the park does its very best to nickel and dime you. Park is pretty small, but can definitely do the entire park in 1 day (depending on ride lines). Rides - 3/5: The roller coasters were very fun! The wooden roller coasters look like they could fall apart at any moment, and are so rickety it made our party very nauseous. My favorite was the batwing, and the waiting times were not crazy. It could be the time of year but the average wait time for the rides were ~ 5 minutes. Getting to the park - 4/5: Buying tickets online was very straightforward and you are paying for both Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor which is the water park. Very easy access from DC (only a 30 minute drive). Parking online is cheaper than at the gate, but when we went the POS stations were down, so they let us park for free ($30 normally)! Lots of parking with good markings to remember where you parked. Very little security at the door which was kinda concerning, but we were able to bring in snacks. Food - 1/5: We were very nauseous from some of the roller coasters, and wanted to buy some ginger ale, and it was literally 6 dollars a bottle. There is a mildly concerning food stall called ChopSix (like six flags) with "Chinese" font that served knock-off panda express at double the price. Very overpriced. We kept food in our car, and went outside the park (we could reenter) to eat.

14. The Fields at RFK Campus - Washington

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The Fields at RFK Campus
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Address: 401 Oklahoma Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: (202) 539-9555

Business type: Sports complex

The Fields at RFK Campus: what do users think?

Hamed D: Neat Clean Playground, workout equipment, and bathrooms w/several full size soccer fields on the edge of DC.. also metro runs by every few min so toddlers will love it !fun for the whole family .. can wait for the Rest of new RFK

Bill Lakenan: Beautiful city sports park. 3 full sized soccer field that include six small sided soccer field and two baseball fields. All new turf field with nice facilities. There is a nice playground for smaller children.

CARLA LAWSON: Fresh clean enough room for any and every one to enjoy and plenty of parking. They also have nice bathroom

Big Chips: Park for younger kids to play so older kids can do their thing. A walking trail, pet friendly. Overall good vines all around.

Blaise Marion: Great playground for kids of all ages. Toddlers will find age appropriate games and older kids will have fun on the bigger games. There is some shade for the parents too.

15. Bad Axe Throwing - Washington

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928 reviews
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Bad Axe Throwing
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Address: 2419 Evarts St NE Unit C, Washington, DC 20018

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 9PM ⋅ Opens 6PM Thu

Telephone: (844) 818-0999

Business type: Event venue

Bad Axe Throwing: what do users think?

Isabel Bracho: Fun place for a fun night! My husband & I went as a fun date night as walk ins. There was no line and we ended up having the lane completely for ourselves. The coach/instructor was very attentive and helpful throughout the whole experience. This would be great for bigger events too! We really enjoyed ourselves. Definitely recommend!

Gayle Arrington: We had an amazing time. Excellent way to celebrate my birthday. Coach Dontae was awesome and very helpful. We will definitely be back

Patrick Hewitt: Bad Axe Throwing was a really fun time. When a friend suggested it, we were all a little apprehensive throwing sharp, heavy objects as a bunch of guys with poor hand eye coordination. We ended up reserving a lane and had some basic tutorial from the coach, plus I had watched some of the online tutorial videos on their website. By the end of the night I was able to consistently sink the axe into the target, hitting bullseyes and even the extra small blue dots in the corners. For the environment, there’s not too much to say. When you walk in it’s clearly a place for throwing axes. They had four lanes set up with two targets each of I remember correctly, with tables and stools at the back for people to sit when they’re not throwing. We had a group of 4 so there wasn’t much down time to eat or drink in between throws, but if we had some more players it would have been nice to drink some beers and relax. The sweet spot is probably 6-8 people I think. Everyone agreed it was pretty cathartic, letting issues we didn’t even know we had. I would definitely go back with friends or for a group date night.

Christina Plummer: My best friend and I had an amazing time for our birthday. Our coach was Dontae and he was very attentive and patient. We have plans to definitely revisit the establishment again but as a walk in next time around because the cost to reserve a private lane can be quite expensive. Honestly, I believe that customers that reserves a private lane should not pay more money than walk-ins. The required deposit is guaranteed monies versus the unknown on whether customers will walk-in to patronize the establishment. All in all it was a great first experience that has a new customer for life.

Treedy Chapa: We wanted a fun and different adventure to celebrate my daughter in law’s birthday and chose Bad Axe Throwing. It was the perfect outing. Dante set us up and gave us some quick and short tips. He was terrific. I can’t recommend this place enough. It was so fun, clean, and totally outside the box!

Carla Punch: This place is awesome!! We thought we were going to a different axe throwing place to celebrate my sister’s birthday but ended up at Bad Axe Throwing instead. What a nice surprise! It felt authentic and comfortable. It was nice that you could bring your own drinks and food. The staff was super friendly, down to earth and helpful. We highly recommend Bad Axe! We will be back!

Nicole Dunn: My best friend and I went for our Bday and had a blast. Dontee was our coach and was very attentive and entertaining. I will definitely go back

Suzanne Conkling: My husband and I along with two friends came here on a Friday night and really enjoyed our time! It was super easy to book online, learn how to do it, and then just have fun! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun activity to do with friends!

16. FedEx Field - Prince George's County

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6599 reviews
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FedEx Field
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Address: 1600 Fedex Way, North Englewood, MD 20785

Telephone: (301) 276-6000

Business type: Stadium

FedEx Field: what do users think?

Bob Sans: Had a very nice time back in October during Sean Taylor’s Number 21 Retirement ceremony.. it was a great day and the food was decent. I sat in a suite almost corner wise to the end zone. The Supply Room was nice enough to invite me to watch the game there. Unfortunately the commanders lost against the chiefs but I got a signed ball by Terry Mclaurin which was a dream come true for almost about anyone. Although the stadium looks like it’s falling apart as it does on the media it’s still a wonderful Venue to watch the commanders play ball!

Brittany Slavin-Brown: First time to this stadium to see the All Blacks take on Team USA rugby. Fantastic stadium, seats are a little tight but no worse than any other venue. The food was good and there are plenty of options. Parking was easy and not overpriced. Great atmosphere too! The traffic after the game is hell but what do you expect!

Mr. Criblet: A Beautiful Venue with lots of amenities. Food and drink are slightly expensive. We were fortunate to get great seats in section 340. The view was amazing.

Jaclyn Krankoskie: A few more eat and drink options in the upper level would be nice. Clean, warm bathrooms. Orange lot parking was a bit chaotic on the way in, but very easy to get out. Ample parking.

Marc H.: Came to see the Eagles play not bad for first time. Food n beer to high. Its jus crazy you spend a lot for the game n spend almost what you paid jus to eat....

Brandon Washington: Man I cant begin tell you how nice FedEx field ACTUALLY is... You really have to see it for YOURSELF. Took my wonderful wife for our 10 year Anniversary to see Dallas @ Washington. (Even saw & spoke to Jerry Jones otw in!) After visiting club level (sec 324, row 17 7-8) I dont think we can go back to general admission... Why? Because other than the view, the EASE OF ACCESS to food, alcoholic beverages and OF COURSE the restroom is unmatched. Prices were fair, I paid 15$ for catfish and fries and the catfish from the firehouse was BETTER than any restaurants Ive paid DOUBLE that for. Wife had the hot wings and fries, regular hot sauce, they were nice sized and crunchy! Fries were EXCELLENT. Margaritas from the Crown Royal bar from the young lady FAR left, (were $15 as well) had us feeling RIGHT! Look, I aint a Washington guy, but I really like the stadium, workers and their fans. (Just dont tell anybody in Dallas I said it!) We will be back! P.S. (Redzone parking has all the tailgating fun and is not too bad for parking! $80)

Justin Courtney: Awesome stadium. Went on1/2/22 for eagles vs Washington game. Awesome time and Awesome views from the stadium!

17. Adventure Theatre MTC - Glen Echo

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19 reviews
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Adventure Theatre MTC
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Address: 7300 Macarthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812

Telephone: (301) 634-2270

Business type: Performing arts theater

Adventure Theatre MTC: what do users think?

king Ghoul: Amazing, ive been going here since i was a really small kid, now in high school I still find the productions here heartwarming and always exceptionally done. The actors, stage desgin, and more that I cant even list all at once are incredible and everyone is always so very kind. 1000/10 would suggest it to everyone who gets the chance to go.

Kevin Scrimgeour: The puppet shows are great for kids (under five) but best suited for even younger. The shows are funny and fast paced.

Aya Kuzbari: It look nice it look colorful

Ron Rammelkamp: Great kids shows, bravo!

Ellen Pfeiffer: Wonderful Theatre for children.

Phyllis Harris: Magical world for storytime

Thiago Roberto: (Translated by Google) Excellent, very beautiful(Original)Excellent,Très belle

18. Bretton Woods Recreation Center - Darnestown

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24 reviews
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Bretton Woods Recreation Center
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Address: 15700 River Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11PM

Telephone: (301) 948-5497

Business type: Banquet hall

Bretton Woods Recreation Center: what do users think?

KoolKaz: The adventure camp was so fun. Want to do it again. The councilors are so nice.

Chris Peckham: outstanding service. Amazing place to be.

David Liss: This place is beautiful, peaceful, serene. Visit if you can. Join if you are able.

Valentina Kaliada: I will try again tomorrow

Roberto Samaniego: Awesome burgers!

Eden Borchert: Fun

Jim Strand: Rainy day, great place for a run from new clubhouse. Can’t wait for the golf membership to activate!

19. Dupont Underground - Washington

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271 reviews
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Dupont Underground
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Address: 19 Dupont Cir NW, Washington, DC 20036

Business type: Arts organization

Dupont Underground: what do users think?

Jessica: Dope venue!! Loved the art! I found it on event bright and went for a comedy show. It was cheap so the show was so much better than expected. All of the comedians were hilarious! I’ll definitely bring my friends there next time I’m visiting DC.

Regina Mock: Couldn’t rate this place higher but it is a beautiful celebration and artist space for amplifying voices and ideas! Have gone many times and to a few events during Pride Month for the drag shows! Even though it was a smaller crowd, the space made it feel that the energy had tripled!

Aránzazu Ascunce: If you need to get away from the heat, take a stroll in the cool underground gallery right beneath Dupont Circle. You will be exposed to local artists in images displayed through projectors on a white wall that circles along a track of what used to be a hope of a station. We were also very appreciative of the warm welcome by Chris the Director of Operations. We hope to visit soon again!

Mike: A pretty fun venue. The acostics are pretty rough, so a loud DJ drowns out any hope of a conversation. We went for the ClickDC event and had a great time. The venue set the scene very well.

Mischa: Very nice place to look at street art underground, and I hope they will add even more!

Toby Manjarress: Amazing hidden space where freedom and creativity meet. Bought a smooth, sweet cigar ($10) from and stationary/stickers from @pencilroots on Instagram. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

20. Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center - Fort Washington

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16038 reviews
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Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
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Address: 201 Waterfront St, National Harbor, MD 20745

Telephone: (301) 965-4000

Business type: Hotel

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center: what do users think?

David Blumberg: Loved this place! We stayed in their upgraded Suite and it was fantastic. Well appointed, shower pressure was strong, loved it! Beautiful building. Only minus was the loud laser show in the evening which was really annoying from our room…… also the Pool leaves a lot to be desired. The floor of the pool is terrible!!! Rough surface like unfinished concrete. People - GET IT RESURFACED SMOOTHLY!! It’s only a bit over 3 feet deep so very shallow for a real pool.

Rick A Fogerty (Cowboy Rick): I attended a large national event here. The front desk was very helpful and knowledgeable. The room I was in was nice and clean, and quiet. The conference facilities were top notch. It was super convenient that they had an on-site shop with relatively inexpensive grab-n-go snacks/meals. I really enjoyed the soups.

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