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1. The GW Medical Faculty Associates

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The GW Medical Faculty Associates

Address: 2150 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (202) 741-3000

Business type: Medical group

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The GW Medical Faculty Associates: what do users think?

Sarah Pleznac: I’d like to thank Medical Faculty Associates for bringing me a little closer to G-d this weekend. I asked for prescription refills 4 days ago… and still no meds! This is excruciating in so many ways. Oh, and you can’t directly call these folks. You will always reach a call center after going through a phone tree and being on hold for an hour. You better love and get used to using their patient portal. That’s pretty much the only way you can communicate with them (communicate is a stretch, it’s more like screaming into the ether and praying for a response). Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

Melanie McDonough: I saw someone below say that they wish they could award 0 stars and I’d like to second that. Over a year ago, I went to GWMFA for a few visits. I didn’t have any issues, they were pleasant enough. But upon my second visit, I had an outstanding bill for a couple hundred dollars. I could not check in for my next appointment until it was paid even though I was fairly certain my insurance had covered this. A few days later, when I had some free time again, I looked into it more. They had indeed overcharged me. I called to get this taken care of but got the run around and was told to try my insurance. So I tried my insurance multiple times and ultimately learned that they would not reimburse me because it was GWMFA that had overcharged me, not them. I came back to GWMFA with this information and this is when I stopped getting any responses. They do not care at all. While this may seem like a trivial amount of money, for me this is a lot of money. It’s disappointing to see how little they care about the their patients. I enlisted the help of a health advocate who has been attempting to reach them since last year. Also no response. They have tried reaching out to the customer service rep Shanna via phone and email and have been completely ignored. They reached Darvis who told them they needed to talk to Shanna. Kind of hard to do when she’s blatantly ignoring us. Darvis provided them a generic billing email to request Shanna’s supervisor, which just seems like another way to ghost us. I would recommend going else where if you want the people treating you to actually care about you.
Response: Hi Melanie, thank you for sharing your experience with us. As a patient, your concerns are important to us and we would like to learn more about this issue. Please feel free to reach out to our Patient Experience team at or 202-677-6620.

Katie Rourke: I called today to schedule a consult with a doctor in the Division of Gastroenterology since my Primary Care Doctor recommended a colonoscopy due to blood in my stool (I’m only 30 years old). I was told that their earliest opening to see any GI doctor was 7 MONTHS from now, in December 2022. That is insane, especially for something as important/time sensitive as a colon cancer screening.
Response: Hi Katie, As a patient, your concerns are important to us. We want to help you solve your problem in a timely way. Please contact our Office of Patient Experience so they may troubleshoot these issues directly with you: or 202-677-6620.

Caroline Barker: I would give zero stars if I could. This place is full of liars, scammers, and frauds. Forget about medical care - protect yourself from their harassing billing practices and DO NOT GO HERE. I have been getting bills for $1000 for over one year that I never owed. The doctor has been fighting with their billing department on my behalf and they still keep sending me bills. I have started the paperwork for a fraud claim with the FTC - they have one more week before I file - that is how severely outrageous my experience has been.

2. UM BWMG Pulmonary Care

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UM BWMG Pulmonary Care

Address: 300 Hospital Dr Suite 119, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Telephone: (410) 553-8240

Business type: Pulmonologist

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UM BWMG Pulmonary Care: what do users think?

Jane Ostovitz: Dr Mcilmoyle and Paul rock !! 1st appointment this morning & the new scripts discussed are in the works !! We are ever so thankful for a practice that cares about their patients !!! Thank you!! Dean & Jane
Response: Hi Jane, Thank you for your feedback. So happy to hear you had a good experience with us!

Bridgette Sanders: This Practice has been awesome!!!! To me. Dr. Matthew Park is patient and very attentive to your concerns. The office staff is very professional and is always s expressing kindness. I’ve been with this practice for several years now, and I’m well pleased❤️Bridgette Burke-Sanders.😊

JISELLE R BURKHALTER: I have been a patient of Dr. Wiley for a few years now and have always had positive interactions with not only him but other staff members I have encountered as well. Very professional, Short appt wait times, Clean patient areas and Prompt prescription refills when needed. Highly recommend this Practice!

Curtis Wall: Have called on multiple occasions with being put on hold immediately. I have attached a couple screen shots of the hold times. I just want to schedule a test. They could be just really busy.
Response: Curtis, We're sorry this happened and appreciate you letting us know. Please contact the Patient Advocate at 410-787-4200 so that we can resolve the issue and help get you scheduled.

3. Howard University Hospital

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Howard University Hospital

Address: 2041 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20060

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 865-6100

Business type: University hospital

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Howard University Hospital: what do users think?

Zina Jones: I was there this month. May 2022. The ER staff was efficient, patient and kind. The emergency room was clean, even the bathrooms were clean. Security was alert and understanding. My brother was a little loud and vocal and the security guard was very understanding. He said my brother is just worried about me. That was awesome. The staff that checked me in was ok. The triage staff was excellent.. Thanks so much for a job well done. The Doctor techs and nurses were professional and comforting.. Thank you so much

Evan Glassman: Not gonna lie when I was sitting in the waiting room with my head leaking from a huge gash I got from slipping on my own pee, I decided to check the reviews on google. After seeing the measly 2.4 stars, I was scared they were gonna make my cut worse or even forget about me. I was completely wrong. Service was efficient. The nurse was really kind and she stitched me up effortlessly. Would definitely come back if I slip on my own pee again. Thanks guys.

bria bailey: I don’t even know how this hospital is still open. My grandfather was having a heart attack and when they told him that they were taking him to Howard hospital he stayed home. This place has no empathy at all. The staff is rude. Lazy. Disrespectful. The emergency room acts as if you are an inconvenience by actually going there. Nobody has phone etiquette and manners. Whoever the man is running the emergency room has no business dealing with people. I legit hate this hospital and only go if I feel like Im dying. If you read this PLEASE GO TO SIBLEY HOSPITAL THEY ACTUALLY CARE.

Lamaria Washington: I go to this hospital cafe a lot and it is normally a pleasant experience but yesterday (5/15/22) I came and brought some grapes. After eating a few, I realized that some of the grapes had mold in them. I checked the label to see that these grapes were 10 days expired. I returned the next day and checked the other grapes and saw that the label had been removed so customers could no longer see the expiration date.

Shaunta Gilchrist: On March 13th 2021 I was scheduled to give birth to my daughter and we arrived on time and there wasn’t no doctor on the floor until the next morning. Following that they continued to want me to have a c-section which I refused. The bed I was on was broken and the feet rest didn’t work. Well during pushing my daughter out two days later the foot rest broke completely and my legs dropped while I was pushing which caused the epidural to turn and almost fall out. I know have severe nerve damage to my right leg and can’t feel it from the knee to the inner thigh. I have a lawyer involved and plan on going all the way. I had to stop breast feeding because of the medications they had me on. Absolutely horrible

jose Navarro: Do Not go here if you’re pregnant and planning on giving birth here!!!! I’ve been to L&D like 3 times for emergency due to pregnancy every time I go there they never find anything wrong I feel like they are just being lazy when I arrived to the L&D section all the nurses were in their phone didn’t even want to see me because they didn’t want to work at all. If anything goes wrong in your labor and delivery they won’t be able to find it. I ended going to Medstar hospital after going here an boom there was a Problem in my pregnancy like I suspected. So don’t trust this hospital at all they don’t care

4. MedStar Washington Hospital Center

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MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Address: 110 Irving St NW, Washington, DC 20010

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (202) 877-7000

Business type: Hospital

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MedStar Washington Hospital Center: what do users think?

Chaturbhuj bhojwani: I believe this is the best hospital in Washington DC Compare with other hospitals. Unfortunately waiting time is so much here cannot explain. This location needs major renovation more facilities for patients and staff.
Response: Thank you for your review, Chaturbhuj. We're happy to hear that you have had positive experiences with us. We value your feedback and will share it with our leadership team so that we can make improvements in the future. Thank you for choosing us for your care. We wish you the best!

Hannah: Was flown into the emergency department after a major hemorrhage, post-tonsillectomy that left me unable to stop throwing up large amounts blood. The ER team got me straight into a room, explained everything they were doing, and made sure I was comfortable. My primary ER nurse, Raquel, was incredibly helpful. In less than 10 minutes after my arrival the resident ENT, Dr. Randolph, came to exam me and was very kind and had excellent bedside manner. He collaborated on my treatment plan with my surgeon and communicated everything to me and my mom. After a few hours I was admitted to the hospital in my own room. They allowed my mom to stay the night with me since I am under 26 years old. My nurse, Mary Kate, was incredible. She made sure me and my mom were comfortable, that I wasn’t in too much pain, and was very very sweet! The next morning Dr. Randolph came back to discharge me. Every nurse, doctor, and staff member I encountered there was great - which is very meaningful considering I was in such rough shape. Great medical team. Wait times were a bit long at times, but as to be expected in a hospital.
Response: Hannah, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are so glad that we could be here for you when you needed us, especially during what must have been a very frightening situation. We will surely share your kind words with our team. Thank you for your trust and for choosing us for your care. We hope you are doing better and wish you the best!

Johniece Robinson: Don’t let these people lie to you this by far the worst hospital ever! Back in the day it was okay but I don’t know what happened over the years. I’ve watched my sister have the worst labor and delivery. The doctors was unprofessional they even had students practice on the patients. They barely clean, sanitize my sisters room, if it’s supposed to be COVID why nobody not doing they’re job! I was so irritated and annoyed for my sister. She came in the hospital Great left out with a fever. The nurses will get irritated if we ask them a question, they will take along time to respond to us if we call for them it was just too much I felt so bad. Hopefully in the future they will have better doctors and more professional nurses. I will go more into details but I’m not! Just hope In the future things will be so much better and more professional
Response: Johniece, thank you for your review and feedback. We are very sorry for your sister's experience with us. We take your concerns very seriously and would like to reach out to you or her as soon as we can for more information. Please fill out our secure online patient feedback form so that we can reach out as soon as possible: We hope to speak with you soon and will do everything we can to help.

Julio Argueta: It was the worst experience in a hospital, my daughter was on surgery for 6 hours, and no one come to me and let me know how was everything, not even after the surgery, in other cases I saw doctors come and tell there family how was everything and that everything went well. But not in my case and not even the receptionist could tell us anything not even where she was. Until 10 hours later when my daughter called me and send me a picture of the board information that she can verily see. That was the only way that I could see her. They ask her if she wants to see a minister, she told them that she wanted to see me because her father was a minister but they didn’t let me in, she stay overnight and now I am her outside waiting until 11:00 they won’t let me in until visit hours, even when she ask for me. Her father. We are used to have a better treatment. Georgetown is the best hospital. For sure….
Response: Julio, we understand that having a loved one in the hospital can be difficult and emotional. We're very sorry to hear that you have not been satisfied with your family's experience. We'd like to reach out to you as soon as we can to see if there's anything we can do to help and support you. If you're willing, please send us your contact information by filling out our secure online patient feedback form: We hope to speak with you soon and will do everything we can to help.

joy adona: My sister was a patient at this hospital just recently. She had chest pain and fainted while working. She was brought to the emergency room department and had the worst experience since. The nurse who took care of her yelled at her when she was asking for something, she could not move at all and needed assistance getting what she needed. She was not treated with respect, her privacy was violated. She was in pain and did not receive anything to manage it. Her calls were ignored. It is hard enough to be in pain more so being treated rudely while dealing with it. The nurses’ priority should be the provision of safe and quality patient care. My sister just experienced the opposite.
Response: Joy, thank you for sharing your review. We are very sorry for your sister's experience with us. We take your concerns seriously and would very much like to speak with her regarding these issues. Please ask her to fill out our secure online patient feedback form so that we can contact her as soon as we can: We hope to speak with her soon and will do everything we can to help.

Greer Dog Adventures: The front desk and security are horrible. No compassion, no empathy, unhelpful, and always have an attitude. They will give you different information policy than the doctors and nurses, and it is not always correct. If you can get past that, the other staff is gracious, kind, compassionate, and helpful. Mask mandate in effect. Normal visiting hours vary from 11a-6p to 2p-7p. Only one person PER DAY. Palliative care visiting hours are 24/7 under order of provider. Two people are allowed at a time, and they can switch with other documented visitors.
Response: Thank you for your review and feedback. While we're happy to hear that you had a positive experience with some of our team members, it's very disappointing to hear that this was not the case throughout your visit. We'd like to reach out to you for more information regarding your concerns. If you're willing, please fill out our secure online patient feedback form: We hope to speak with you soon and will do everything we can to help.

Naya -Monet: April front desk at suite 108 for pregnant women had a really nasty attitude talked to me any kind of way no greeting busy speaking to co-workers while speaking to me must be really miserable. She definitely needs more training on people/communication skills if you don’t like your job don’t work there simple. In the hallway while I was waiting for feedback I even overheard other patients complaining about her attitude which sucks. She needs to learn the basics of patient care fire her or have her get more training .
Response: Naya, thank you for your review. We're very sorry for your experience and would like to reach out to you for more information as soon as we can. We expect all members of our team to treat our patients with the highest levels of kindness and professionalism. If you're willing, please fill out our secure online patient feedback form: We hope to speak with you soon.

Jade Dawson: I had a very good labor and delivery experience here via c section, as I could not labor naturally with my midwife as planned for several reasons. I labored naturally here until 7cm and I’m so glad all I had to do was pace my breathing. They took wonderful care of me, knew how and when to manage my pain before I realized it myself. The low stress of this resulted in a calm trust when it came to the c section. Will come again for the next baby!

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